10 thoughts on “Clayton Foster, Scott Hardy & Jhon Bianco

    1. Absolutely not! Based on the quality of Sean Cody these days, if he join Sean Cody, it would be ruining him. He should be with Corbin Fisher or any other studios but definitely not Sean Cody!

  1. Damn…. Clayton Foster is Super Handsome. Can’t wait to see him getting FUCKED. Does he work for any studios before?

  2. Clayton is definitely a find, really hope he gets away from the creepy AF premise and tops at Carnal+.

  3. I really want to see him getting fucked by the creepy AF and old guys at Carnal. It kinda turn me on to see hot guy got fucked by old, ugly guys

  4. Just saw a clip of Clayton Foster. He’s incredibly hot and sex just radiates off of him when he’s being forced into submission. He has goosebumps over his muscles as he’s being played with and he’s got desire written all over his eyes. Too bad there wasn’t a full on sex scene. I can’t wait to see him bottoming.

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