12 thoughts on “Cole Ryan (2006) back via Bait Buddies

  1. I’m always fascinated by these guys who make a return to porn after so long…and 16 years? I wonder what prompted it.

    1. He probably missed the life and the fun that goes with working in Gay Porn as well as the positive attention that he received. He worked for Michael Lucas and was in La Dolce Vita and Titan Media The Chest and I have all of these films. Maybe he had been in long term relationship? Either way I had major crush on Cole and am glad he is back.

  2. Fuck Me! Jeez I absolutely adore this man, as he was one of my favourite models, back in the day. I had a major crush on him. Bloody Hell the memories that first picture brought back to me, as Cole was pure dorky hotness and look perfect getting his ass stuffed. Damn sorry guys this so embarrassing as I am gushing lol! Yes Cole aint looking too bad, a bit of Hot Daddy!

  3. He’s on Twitter. He’s been concentrating on his “real job” as a….computer programmer or designer or something techy. He’s just an exhibitionist doing it for fun.

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