Forrest Marks of Gay Hoopla passed away according to Alex Griffin

It was in 2016 that Gay Hoopla introduced Forrest Marks (aka Fane Roberts).

He and Alex Griffin filmed a duo and an orgy scene.

According to Griffin, Forrest passed away.

* Forrest filmed a scene with Kyle Dean, who passed away in 2018.

[h/t @ Rob]

15 thoughts on “Forrest Marks of Gay Hoopla passed away according to Alex Griffin

  1. That’s so sad. I hope it was just a freak accident and not something he took away from himself. I recall he had some self esteem and body conscious issues but he seems alright on Twitter. He quit porn because of it.

  2. This is horrible, horrible news. I actually feel very saddened by this. Forrest was a great performer and seemed to be a nice guy.

    1. You are so ignorant for making such an inconsiderate comment. I hope you find sanity somewhere along the road.

  3. He was always quirky and funny on social media and when I did get the opportunity to DM him, he was very sweet. This is astonishing. M

  4. It’s always weird to see a stan twitter gay dies. They live forever usually. He was a knee, Azealia and Lana stan. Rip to her. He was funny too.

  5. We’ve lost so many guys in the last few years, really since 2015 its insane. I’m sorry to hear about Forrest, he seemed sweet & chill. Very kind to fans too. I hope it was a freak accident vs drugs. If its the latter & you’re a “star” struggling, let people in, who love & will support you. RIP Forrest. <3

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