From Christian Wilde “Anybody know what’s up on this supposed moratorium? I’m trying to get tested but don’t want it to be a waste…”

14 thoughts on “From Christian Wilde “Anybody know what’s up on this supposed moratorium? I’m trying to get tested but don’t want it to be a waste…”

  1. STI are rising partially due to these OnlyFans guys having bareback sex with different people whether creators or grindr people or both in orgies everyday. Call them out and they say you are a prude but I notice a lot of people are very relaxed these days. And then you have all these guys crossing over and having sex with women and trans people.

    1. Also need to add that a lot of gay men are getting OnlyFans now as much as it seems to be an expectation for young and fit person to have one and become a sex worker and to be a complete whore at that. Crazy. But you see it all over gay social media and even gay culture

    2. It’s true. So many of these guys think that just because they’re on PreP, they indestructible and there are some who test positive for an STI and just don’t care! “So what if I’ve got Herpes or Chlamydia” and the worst are those who take HIV so lightly, just because it’s possible to be made undetectable. I’m not saying that fear is a good thing, but I’m of a generation that grew up knowing how important it was to stay safe…and alive.

    3. I find it’s gotten to the point that the “I’ll fuck whoever, whenever, and with whatever” group has become the loudest opponent to common sense these days… I’m an open gay teacher and I had a student recently ask me if he should start an Onlyfans account in order to meet guys cause that’s the impression he gets from seeing this stuff online.

  2. Did anyone get a damned thing from Rodrigo’s rant? I got zip from it. What was the point of that? Talking in circles endlessly, only to disclose nada. I find him ambiguously complex at best. I started out liking him and his “work”, but he started going down a path that I wasn’t too keen on so I eventually decided to unfollow him.

    1. He was dating someone, he broke it off, the other person is really upset and talking trash about him, and now he’s fighting back. As if he’s the only person that ever had a bad breakup. There, that’s quicker than 10 minutes.

  3. Does anybody else find Rodrigo Amor as obnoxious as I do?

    He liked this tweet about Elon Musk from Ricky Larkin:

    And he has liked other Elon Musk tweets.

    Apparently Rodrigo is just another Rick Larkin, Sgt Miles, et cetera.

    Does he even actually like men? All of his content outside of studio porn is with women.

  4. Rodrigo said something about getting really conservative in 2023… This is how you know a lot of pornstars are unhinged. How you are big supporter of a group of people who look down on you? Is your self-esteem that low? I swear porn is the only so-called progressive industry that tolerates bigotry.

    Is that Michael Del Rio with Ricky Roman? Yikes..

  5. Not only is Onlyfans the cause of new and old STIs, it’s also the cause of male performers and erectile dysfunction. I have never seen so many limp dicks in my life until OF. I think it is because most of them are doing it for money, not for pleasure, which is the case for most porn. BUT I feel like they’re not even trying to hide it from the audience. Who is getting off cause it’s certainly not the performers? That takes away the attractive.

  6. Another performer covering himself with a big, ugly tattoo. I just don’t see the appeal and they never seem to know when to stop.

  7. Christian Wilde is so irresponsible. He seems to have wind in his head. These artists are desperate for cash. They don’t care about putting others’ health at risk. Too materialistic, it seems that you think about money 24 hours a day.
    Gabriel Cross always playing the good guy, but he’s a selfish viper. He posted a proud photo as the Tory, the most reactionary party in his country. If he were American, he would certainly be a staunch MAGA propagandist.
    Rodrigo Amor. What a boring and tiresome person! He talks too much. He was one of those who agreed with infamous artist Reign, who said the total bottoms are unreliable. By the way, does he really like men? Or does he do it out of pure financial interest? He says he’s bi, but I only see his work with women. Honestly, his speech doesn’t convince me.
    Sharok: Another one who messed up his body with these huge, hideous tattoos. They are ugly, irregular, like spots.
    Austin Wilde: It’s even ironic that he wants to teach ethics. He is one of the most poisonous of the industry. But it is always like this: the shadiest are those who think they are the guardians of right and wrong.

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