From David Skylar “I’m still alive. Just been pulling back after my attempt. I feel better for it. (Not engaging with negativity) although turns out I was right about all of it. I’ve learned a lot taking this time of silence.”

12 thoughts on “From David Skylar “I’m still alive. Just been pulling back after my attempt. I feel better for it. (Not engaging with negativity) although turns out I was right about all of it. I’ve learned a lot taking this time of silence.”

  1. Using the f-word so frequently cheapens its’ potency imho, so I save it for the truly vile like closeted Republicans and Peter Thiel. I can understand the desire to reclaim it, but there are so few words with its’ pointedness so why limit that vocabulary pool by taking that word away from it?

  2. You know, sometimes we joke on porn blogs about how these people aren’t quite there with some of the shit they tweet, but this thread highlights the fact that there is a serious mental health crisis in this industry. No sane individual would tweet the stuff these people say on social media, and it begs the question if there’s any morality left in these weirdos. How does porn attract some of the most deranged, unhinged, sex addicted halfwits of the planet? They legit need help, this is sad and embarassing to watch.

    1. It’s unadulterated narcissism at its core. That’s the biggest vice of the industry, I think. Then again, I guess you’d almost have to be a self-centered prick to get ahead and push your way to the top. As sad and as depressing as that may be. There’s really only a token few performers out there that aren’t total shit bags. Give me a couple of hours and I’ll think of their names.

    2. Let’s be honest, porn used to be a reject’s job. It was the last of the last options. It was so under the radar and BF modern social media that guys would do it to pay for college or something and then stop. They had no desires of putting themselves out there in fear of people finding out their identify. But when social media came about, more and more of them started getting access to social media and then the rise of the fame whore started and a lot of these guys are fame whores.

  3. So David Skylar didn’t go through with it, eh? That’s what I thought… Drama queen!

    Henrik – Please get help. I say that not antagonistically or as an insult. It’s high time.

    Chris Damned – Wow. I can’t believe I started out liking you. With each passing month, my disdain for you is growing stronger. Your 15 minutes are up. Say goodbye.

    Sharok – I was never a fan (still not), but i commend you for at least fighting for something meaningful for a change.

  4. I agree with what others have said here.. To me these social media posts are a mirror to what’s really going in in our community. The level of mental health issues is staggering for gay men nowadays, and instead of seeking help, it seems that the “media” is trying to normalize it, (almost to appoint of fetishizing it) which is dangerous. I know it’s easier said than done , but there are good people out there willing to help. No one needs to suffer.

  5. Ah yes Masculine Jason. While my heart does go out to you buddy for the recent surgery, I’m really not impressed with the double standard you portray on social media. (If you want to know more check out his YouTube channel under his stage name and his OF to see the mixed signals)

  6. Yeah the level of hypocrisy with these guys is amazing.. Sharok will protest for his home country but you’ll never find him at a gay pride rally less it damage his brand .

    I also agree with Fieldmedic about the use of the word fag. The older generation knows when and when not to use it.. the younger ones seem to think it’s a throw around substitute greeting for “Hey Kween”..

  7. So David Skylar still believes he is right about all of his maga psychotic conspiracy stupidities, so sad. What a wasted life.

  8. People make narcissistic social media posts (or ‘anon’ forum/chat/yadda yadda comments) because people read them – more narcissistic here, as with say reality TV performers, because they are being elevated as if they had an actual accomplishment (e.g. running 100 rush yards in a pro or college football game, or hitting a no hitter in a pro or college baseball game, as just a few examples) but their only real accomplishment is having sex on camera, or being over dressed while you threw a glass of wine at another overdressed ‘personality.’

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