From Trevor Harris “gearing up for our 3rd christmas together ❤️ @kanefoxxx”

8 thoughts on “From Trevor Harris “gearing up for our 3rd christmas together ❤️ @kanefoxxx”

  1. I see Vin Roxx escaped from his cell at the mental ward, long enough to tweet something utterly insignificant. Why am I not surprised?!

    Griffin Barrows – Impressive!

  2. GRIFFEN BARROWS – Lets see, you spent most of your youth doing porn making quick easy $ and blowing it on clubs and drugs. You paid your rent by having sex with “dates” and fellow porn stars.
    You apparently didn’t give a thought as to saving for your future. NOW that youth has about left you completely, and the offers for fast easy $ have dried up you want a stranger to bankroll your “future” as some kind of half ass Betty Crocker ?
    Good Luck with that. Sound financial planning my boy.

    1. I love your comment because it is so real! These guys think that sucking dick and giving ass on the internet is ageless, well, the act of doing it is ageless but the age in which they did it is not… youth is gone, being beautiful is ephemeral, and these guys don’t think that tomorrow no one will pay them the attention they want so much because there will be others better than them, younger than them. They don’t prepare themselves in something else, they don’t pursue studies, they don’t have other goals and what they do is to leave everything to their ”fans” so that their ”fans” will help them.

      1. Not only that, they don’t help themselves when they alienate their fan base with crazy actions and rhetoric that they display on a daily basis. Their political views, racist tones, constants heterosexual pressing and overall jackass-ness just adds to their decline rapidly.

      2. Thing is Griffin said he was going to retire and get out for years now. And still doing this because of the attention he is getting.

        This was a guy who complained that his work was ruining his social/dating life

  3. For me it’s the pornstars who do get the college/University degree or the big “after retirement” job then gloat, bitch and moan instead of walking off into the sunset gracefully. Most do however do the walk of shame all the while pointing their middle finger at everyone yelling “I told you so ” and “Fuck ya’ll”.. that’s a REALLY classy way of moving on up lol…

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