Jay Tate of Gay Hoopla won as your favorite model for October

It was Gay Hoopla versus Belami Online for your favorite model of the month for October and Jay Tate of Gay Hoopla over Fabrice Allard of Belami Online.

Jay now has two straight scenes at Hot Guys Fuck and two bisexual scenes as the top at Bi Guys Fuck.

Third place was Ian Cage followed by Antony Ellington.

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Fabrice Allard, Jay Tate, Antony Ellington or Ian Cage?
522 votes
Ends on 11/30/2022

8 thoughts on “Jay Tate of Gay Hoopla won as your favorite model for October

    1. Frankly, Kay’s been the best model to come out of hoopla since Kane Hardy, who is a very competent performer and is now trying to dip his dick in CF waters. The only difference is that Kane’s done everything, including bottoming. So I am curious to know more about Jay’s vids with trans models.

  1. I like Jay Tate and hope in time that he appears on Gay Hoopla with another man, without the women being around. Although saying that, the women on BI Guys Fuck enhance the scene unlike Corbin Fisher and are not distraction for me pretty much like the women on on See Him Fuck.

    Yeah Jay Tate is Hot and I love his accent. What part of the States is he from then you guys?

    Gay Hoople is kicking Corbin Fisher to the curb nowadays as that sites productions are lack lustre !

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