Jody Nikolas aka Tom Fuk aka Deny Lou

Last month, Belami Online introduced him as Jody Nikolas, who we first knew as Tom Fuk (2014 to 2019) of William Higgins & Str8 Hell.

He did straight & bisexual scenes [movies].

Last year, he joined Twitter to promote his fan site as Deny Lou.

4 thoughts on “Jody Nikolas aka Tom Fuk aka Deny Lou

  1. Yes we get it . No one is “gay” in gay porn anymore.. it’s been outsourced to the bisexuals in-order to reduce costs.

  2. Tomas Fuk aka Daniel, Danny Armani, Deny Lou, MiloΕ‘, Thomas Fuk, Tomas Fuck, Zac Drogba aka the not even bisexual and instead wholly straight Czech porn star, who will do absolutely anything on camera, with anyone, be they male or female for pennies.

    These Czech porn stars…I don’t think there’s a single one who’s gay, or even bi and they’re all straight, with wives, girlfriends and this guy’s daughter just turned three :-/

  3. Oh God why do we have to keep being bombarded by these type of guys?!? Again and again and again. Ugh.

  4. He really loves breast. He even developed some of his own. I wonder if they were from steroid usage?

    I can’t give a guy who always starred in bi porn crap for digging chicks.

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