1. Edie

    This time, the length is too much. Curly hair is cute on some guy as well e.g. Sage Hardwell of GuyHoopLa

  2. simp

    Not just the hair, but the awful tatts as well.

  3. Chris Duran

    Trumpster Sean looks like an old drunk. The wrinkled face, the awful hair, the flabby body, and the ghastly tattoos aren’t a good look. His dick never gets fully hard in his scenes.

    • Andy

      That is bullshit if you watcher Sean older scenes when he is allowed to bottom ROCK HARD. This man has a eight or nine inch cock he is an excellent power bottom. His videos with Landon, Jax, Jess, Kaleb Stryker, Archie, cock is erect. That’s why Sean is so popular most Sean Cody models don’t last seven years like him! Just a shame Sean Cody forcing Sean to top when he clearly isn’t into it. I get it Sean is a handsome man with a big dick. But why force Sean to top when he prefers to bottom? You can’t fake that enthusiasm and excitement when you see how happy he is to get fucked up the ass. That’s one of things I love watching men with huge cocks getting fucked up the ass. Buck Richards another big dicked bottom.

  4. Gazzaq

    Who cares? Are we that shallow as Gay Men, that we really bother about Sean’s new hair styler? Jeez I am more concern that he fucks well and has another round with Jess. Their scene is one of my absolute favourites Sean Cody scenes ever!

    • Gazzaq

      Yep by the number of down votes this just proves my point re shallowness!

      • Bsg67

        Get over your uppity self your on a porn appreciation website you’re just as shallow as the rest of us

        • Gazzaq

          Ok thanks for that man but shallowness is not one of my traits pal, Hence my first comment Cheers! 🀣

        • Dom50

          Doesn’t seem like you’re appreciating porn.

  5. marky mark

    Just want him to appear with his beautiful body hair showing. He’s a durable beast, would like to see him as he is.

  6. dannyre

    He is simply disgusting, always has been.

  7. Andy

    I like Sean but he needs a haircut. He’s worked with Sean Cody for seven years. He has a massive cock BUT is better as a bottom. Disappointing Sean Cody forcing Sean to top. He is rock hard as the power bottom and he loves getting fucked. He’s so passionate. What I like most on Sean official Facebook he says he is bisexual which is obvious. He admitted to gay sex before getting into gay porn. His personal life off screen his business. But on screen Sean is one of the Sean cody best models. I kind of wish he moves on from Sean Cody to other studios. He’s a fantastic performer.

  8. Pavel Ford

    In his PRIME Sean was hot, Rock hard cock, Rock hard body. I liked when he had a little body hair too.
    You could tell back then that he was fighting his thinning hair, his hair line just kept moving back….
    He is trying to cover that up with this stupid looking “style” and father time has weakened his once rock hard cock. Face it, nobody beats father time, he is Undefeated.

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