Randy Blue after it was relaunched

It was four weeks ago that Randy Blue was relaunched, and the first scene released had Logan Aarons bottom for Roxas Caelum.

It was followed by the scene of Gino Zenetti (aka Zanetti) as the top to Jake Klerin. Then, it had Dante Cole (aka Colle) top Matt Heron.

No scene yet has been released this week.

8 thoughts on “Randy Blue after it was relaunched

  1. The site will cease accepting membership and will be eventually absorbed by the NextDoor multiverse as foretold in the gay bible.

  2. So far, it’s immensely underwhelming. They can’t even bring themselves to identify models correctly or attach their scenes to actual model profiles.

  3. To paraphrase Lisa Simpson ” Gay sex is dead. It was acquired in a hostile takeover by Men.com and Sean Cody, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece​”

  4. Randy Blue gives me the blues. This site will never gain its former glory and its a good example of how you should just let sleeping dogs lie. Especially since they want to flood the site with underwhelming performers and the same old worn out guys like Dante Colle and Roman Todd.

    1. I mean, Roman Todd started at Randy Blue, so it’s not that strange. However, I’m hella tired with the OF rejects crawling their way into studio porn, these people have no idea what sex is like, and it shows.

  5. I agree…I will say that at Dante Colle is one of the rare pansexual performers who’s not on social media stirring up shit or begging for money. Sure he’s got OF, but that the standard these days..

    1. Dante sucks.

      Randy was the grown man version of jock sites like Corbin and Sean. They had some of the hottest MEN. I still think about Dallas Evans and so many of their guys. This roster is subpar compared to their old one. They should have scouted new head-turning-models. Lets just face it, pornstars are dead. The hottest guys are on OF or Chaturbate doing absolutely nothing because they do not have to. The porn industry is in their favor thanks to OF and direct pay from fans.

      1. Yes. Thank you for saying this. Dante sucks. Roman does too and I don’t understand why people are stuck so far up in their ass cheeks as if they’re the worlds best.

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