8 thoughts on “Roman Todd back at Randy Blue

  1. Roman Todd is 37 years old but he is one of the hottest men in gay porn. He doesn’t really need studio porn. His only fans account one of the best. He works with some of the hottest guys.

    1. I agree that he’s hot and looks better than ever, and I think he’s a solid performer. I don’t know if they’re from Roman’s OnlyFans, but he and Rafael Alencar seem to do a lot of amateur videos together, with Rafael fucking the daylights out of, of course. I think they could be hot, but they are so poorly shot as to be rendered unwatchable.

      They need to get a third person to do the filming or in the absence of that learn to manage how and where to position the camera (Kaden Hylls is a master of that). As much studio porn as both of them has shot, you’d think they’d know where to put the camera.

    2. Rafael fed him a couple of loads in those vids…I’m more interested in Jay Tee’s career path and whether he has evolved into gay from whatever he has defined himself in the past.

      1. I agree 100%
        In the beginning of his career, Jay Tee was boring. It all started with his first scene with G4P boy Elliot Finn. Dispite Elliot’s constant claiming to being straight. There was real chemistry between these 2 guys. Elliot was very verbal and dominating Jay and BOTH got off on that. Lots of real kissing, spitting, fucking…It was hot. Both guys have turned in good scenes since then but this 1 was a must see.

  2. I’m not feeling this at all. Listen, both of these guys look great but this is the same content that we see 24/7 on all the other sites. Roman is everywhere which becomes redundant. You can only watch the same guy do the same thing before it becomes boring. RB looks just like every MindGeek studio that is littered on us daily.

    I was hoping that RB would comeback with a bang. Just like years prior, RB brought new faces to the scenes. Those same guys are now stables in the gay porn universe and they’ve retired leaving their marks. Remember how Chaos Men brought freshness but once they came back it was like everything else? This is giving the same vibes.

    Give us new scenarios and new talent and I’ll be singing their praises to the house but if you’re going to just have the same guys we see all day long, this will get old and stale pretty quickly.

  3. He looks even better now lol. Extremely rare in the industry. He doesn’t age at all. His wife tho aged like milk unfortunately. They look about even decades ago. Todd stays hot while his wife is a -4 on the scale as time passes ouch.

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