15 thoughts on “Roman Todd is still in demand

  1. Brace the negative comments! It’s honestly a personal preference but I feel like people who comment to these kinds of posts tend to be bitchy about random porn stars. Maybe rightfully so but who cares I just like looking at hot body, face, and dick like Roman as much opportunity I can get! To each their own but just want people who enjoy these pornstars to know they’re not alone.

  2. You’ll always have supporters and followers who will give these guys the benefit of the doubt and say that since their sexy they’ll get a pass. On the other hand, if these pornstars kept to themselves and didn’t go on social media rants or come down with verbal diarrhea, they’d be perfect specimens to look at. But that’s never going to happen.

    Some guys bitch about male pornstars because they unfortunately do “represent” the community in a manner of speaking. So if one of them goes on a Anti vaxer/ transphobic rant online, and on top of it get support in the form of “likes” from a certain part of the queer community, it makes one question ones place in this world we live in.

    I know it does for me.

  3. Yeah look I’ll be the first to admit that he’s got a hot body and he’s kept himself up over the past ten years but here’s what makes me turned off from him. His so called in demand is now what we call overexposed. It doesn’t matter if he is the top or bottom but I can only watch the same guy fuck so many times in such a short span of time before I’m bored solid.

    I really don’t understand why our fellow gays think he’s the one and incomparable. I just don’t see it at all. Even though I’m gay and have zero interest in females and vaginas, I’m not even mad at him being into bisexual porn. I’m just tired of seeing him in every studio within every fucking week. I need a damn break from him.

    1. I get weary of seeing the same guy, too. But if you’re Roman Todd and can book lots of shoots, why wouldn’t you? Nobody’s career lasts forever. I do question sites like CorbinFisher and Staxus that keep posting the same model over and over in quick succession — that can’t boost demand. Randy Blue is limping along this way, too, posting sequential scenes with [who else?] Roman Todd.

    2. I have a suggestion. If you don’t like what you see, simply swipe – right, left, up or down. There’s plenty out there to keep you interested. No one is holding a gun to your head and making you watch his scenes.

      Just a suggestion…

    3. You see Roman Todd a lot because he is professional. Porn companies stick to models they can count on. Times have changed searching for talent. Some models I won’t mention names are drug addicts, they can’t stay in shape their weight fluctuates. Roman Todd is 37 years old that’s usually when most male models retire or decline. But Roman gets work because producers know he will deliver. He deserves credit for keeping in shape not going crazy like some male models. He doesn’t claim to be straight either. Even though Roman Todd wife I am not sure if she is a cis gender female. That is the only odd thing about him his wife is so unattractive. She looks like a post op transgender.

  4. People can hate on Roman Todd all they want but he is a sexy man. He is bisexual and he goes all the way with men on his only fans. Unlike some male models who work in gay porn he doesn’t fuck women on his only fans. He is sucking cock gets fucked up ass by hottest men in gay porn. He isn’t racist like some white models either. He’s a good guy. The hate Roman todd gets is ridiculous. He gets a lot of work because he is professional. Producers know they can count on him. He is in incredible physical shape too.

  5. I was impressed by the way he “upgraded” his physique a couple of years ago. He’s a real professional. Always puts in a good performance. I’d love to see him again without the facial hair, though.

  6. Let’s see

    Overcame problems. Check
    Always performs well. Check
    Doesn’t Belittle fans or LGBT. Check
    Beautiful body, handsome face. Check
    Doesn’t rant on social media. Check
    Bottoms like dream, tops good too. Check
    Seems to really enjoy performing. Check

    IMO. Definitely rings all my bells.

    Agreeing with another poster, his Blacks on Boys was excellent. Wish it had been bare.
    Scene bottoming with Bruce Beckham excellent.
    His only fans scenes within the dude whose name I forget are ok. Could be filmed better. It’s hot seeing Roman so submissive.
    His scene bottoming for Dakota Payne was good.

    Would love to see him top Delgaty, since he’s bottomed for him. Turn about would be good.
    Would love to see him flip with Gabriel Clark, Logan Moore, William Seed, Ryhyeim Shabazz.
    A gang bang with Ryhyeim and friends as the bottom would be awesome.

  7. Roman Todd is hands down one of the best performers ever! Gay, str8. bi, trans, solo, this man can do it all! Studios know that he will make them money in any scene or full movie he is in because he has a big fan base.

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