7 thoughts on “6’2″ & 8.5″?

  1. I’ll give him the height, although Allen is on par with Gabriel Cross, but that’s nowhere near eight inches. 8.5″…it’s more like 5.5″, no shade.

  2. 8.5? They’re being rather generous, don’t you think? Not so sure about that, but then again, his bulky build and rippling muscles may be overshadowing his length? Doubtful.

  3. I just did some quick measurements and he’s somewhere around 6.5″ if you assume his height really is 6’5″. Really tall guys will always look smaller than they are due to the relative proportions. But this dude is not packing 8.5 inches in his pants. He is super hot though!

    1. He does look taller than 6’2, that’s for sure! Also, his cock looks factually bigger than Allen King’s, at least an inch to an inch and a half. The picture is right there, and it’s not like they are standing far away from each other to give any perspective tricks (and if that was the case, it’d make Shy even taller and bigger based on the perspective).

      That said, it’s weird for Lucas to lie and make Shy shorter or smaller… so maybe their numbers are off on the height and he really is around an 8 or so, or Allen King has been stuffing the numbers big time. 😭 lol

      Someone get out the forensics! lol

  4. He probably is a but over six feet but his dick is small. I am guessing his cock is five inches maybe 5 and a half. It is different seeing a black model with a small penis. He is a handsome man but I wouldn’t watch his videos. I prefer black men with big cocks like Adrian Hart, Trent King, Devin Trez.

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