Alex Cole was “cruised” on the street in 2019 & 2022 by Czech Hunter

Alex Cole was introduced by Staxus in 2019.

It was also in 2019 that he appeared twice at Czech Hunter.

I was hunting on the outskirts again today and met a really cool looking dude. He was a bit small but had a nicely beefed-up body. The boy came from Slovakia to visit his girlfriend.

I spent the whole day walking around Prague and hunting. After several hours of no success, I gave up. While sitting at a beer garden and checking out cute tourists, I got a text message. One of my previous guys talked his friend into an easy way to make money.

He was again “cruised on the street” by Czech Hunter this year.

This rough looking fellow didn’t like my camera at all. He was sitting on a park bench, waiting for a friend, when I approached him. I could tell he was pretty annoyed by my presence but relaxed a bit when I showed him some cash.

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