1. mark mark

    As one of the turkeys that subscribed to this site, this is the 3rd our 4th time that Next Door starts a site, suckers you into subscribing and then disbands it. How can you trust them anymore. At least they refunded this subscription fee. I don’t understand their brand at all. Not sure why I subscribe to their sites anymore.

    • McM.

      After adding Stag Collective to my membership it merged into NDS less than a month later. I didn’t get a refund!

      These new and exciting Gamma sites are iffy as fuck. They come out and I wait, they aquire a site and I wait. Gamma recently got Chaos Men and I expect it to fold into Pride Studios since Gio Caruso is producing scenes for both brands now. The only original site going strong for gays is Disruptive Films. Which is ironic seeing how the effort put into launching it is what killed Stag Collective.

  2. ncbored

    I never understood what was supposed to differentiate them from all the other sites with the same performers.

    • McM.

      Rod’s Room is stylized differently. Michael Vegas is the photographer and director and he’s in the scenes – behind the cameras – doing both. The BTS includes the interviews and editorial photoshoots and the main scene has the active direction and fucking. Viewers are very much in the studio with them.

      • ncbored

        Thanks for the explanation. Now that it’s included in NDS, I’ll give it a look.

  3. Waldurf

    And why the heck did they remove Justin Matthews’ scenes?

  4. ncbored

    When Stag Collective was assimilated by NDS, the frequency of updates dropped from weekly to monthly, i expect the same thing will happen to Rods Room – unless it goes the way of NextDoor Ebony & ceases updates altogether!

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