You can be un-nominated at the AVN Awards

Hatler Gurius tweeted his followers last month that he was nominated in the upcoming AVN Awards for Niche Specialty Performer of the Year.

The category has been renamed to Niche Performer of the Year and some of the names have been removed and replaced. Hatler’s name was replaced by Lucy Hart (aka Lance Hart).

3 thoughts on “You can be un-nominated at the AVN Awards

  1. This just proves what I’ve always thought: that GayVN is a big scam and a closed club of sycophants and favored people. Always the annoying Michael Del Ray and Dante Colle, Draven Navarro and those tiresome people. Isn’t Lucy Hart the one who spoke on video that she was a drug dealer in the past? Oh, what illustrious people! Poor Hatler! He discovered itΒ΄s all a big lie. Who will be the host of the event, Chi Chi LaRue, the feisty who is accused of sexually harassing an actor?

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