Hatler Gurius “one of my fans documented over 1 million votes he put in for me on the xbiz award. still lost … hahaha yeah votes don’t matter … they pick the winner before votes even start”







  1. Alex W

    I get the impression that Chris Damned thinks his attitude is endearing and cute. It’s not. It’s such a big turn off. You’ve exhausted your 15 minutes and working into overtime now, Chris. I feel that the next season of porn is going to be much better without you in it.

    Shy Montana. I know very little about you thus far, but… You’re hot! Please don’t disappoint me down the road.

    I know that tweet of David Skylar has already been posted, but… meh. I’m really getting tired of his shit. If he was indeed raped, horrible. No one deserves that. I just wish he’d do something else with his life. He’s obviously traumatized and unhappy within this profession. Move on, dude.

  2. Andy

    I wonder who Chris Damned is upset at? He’s right say work is work it isn’t an easy job. You got to make audience believe you are sexually attracted to other person. Only fans is tougher than studio porn you either do it at your place. Or go to a hotel. Next, you need a good camera man one or two people. You got to get angles right. After that are both men comfortable with each other. I read sometimes these men are strangers they work on a video. But let’s say two men meet to make an only fans video and chemistry isn’t right? A lot of things got to gel for an only fans video to work. On top of that how much time does it take to film?

  3. PeterPaulandLarry.

    Well it seems that this week’s tweets have been sponsored by the word Ironic..

    From “suspecting” that the GayAVN’s are rigged , to being allegedly stalked by a member of one’s inner circle , to Sharok in another political protest when he wouldn’t be caught dead at an LGBTQ+ one.

    Is it just me or has anyone else felt that being gay men with common sense have just disappeared since the pandemic?

  4. John

    Shave it! Hairy asses are a no go

  5. DeanD

    Are Chris Damned and Christian Wilde in an actual relationship?

    • Pavel Ford

      NO… but they sure hope we all “think” they are.

    • Reg

      Not. A. CHANCE.

      I’m not even convinced either guy is bi, let alone gay, so it’s all click/gay-baiting.

      • Andy

        Chris Damned is getting fucked RAW up the ass by many men on his only fans. You can’t fake those erections and ejaculation. It is disappointing people continue to ignore male bisexuality. Chris Damned and Christian Wilde never said they are gay. Just because a man doesn’t want a romantic relationship with another male. It doesn’t mean he isn’t sexually attracted to other men. There is no reason for Christian Wilde who is married to a woman to sleep with other men. Chris Damned was complaining on Twitter seeing fling with a guy he liked last year didn’t work out.

        • Reg

          I believe in male bisexuality and I respect it…I don’t respect people who call themselves bisexual, who are anything but. Look at Lee Ryan…claims to be bi, but has NEVER had a public relationship with another man, (I’m sure he did have sex with Duncan James, but Duncan James is a slag) but Lee still he uses the label to try and get the backing of the LGBT+ community. It’s funny how when drunk off his tits on a bottle of port, it was only the female flight attendants he sexually harassed.

  6. ericstrondheim8

    I would doubt that there are even one million votes total in that “contest”.

  7. asds

    The only thing Nate needs to wax is that fugly ass unibrow. 🤮

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