9 thoughts on “Hazel Hoffman, Maxwell Dawson, Derek Hernandez, Cole & Alle Marin

  1. The fact that Fun Size Boys keeps finding “boys” that look close to the age of consent is kinda unnerving. I know there will always be a certain part of the community into that , but still….

  2. I know right? I remember years ago, in-order to promote the site when it was new , they did an interview with Austin Young, the model who is in most of those fun size boy scenes. Unfortunately he really came off as vapant. You could tell the interviewer was scrambling to cobble something together from that shit show of an interview.

  3. Each porn season, the new batch of twinks look younger and younger. It’s bordering on sick. I won’t even date a guy if he’s in his mid/late 20’s that even appears underage. We’ve got to stop fetishizing fanciful illegal sex acts,

    1. How far are we supposed to go to accomodate YOUR likes and dislikes??? If it’s not to your liking that scroll past. The actors in these scenes are at & well above age and the it’s their choice to participate.

      Sounds like someone has had too many bites of the PRUDE danish.

      1. And it sounds like someone (you) is glorifying pedophilia. Let’s not get it twisted. If someone is of legal age and looks 15. fine. If that’s your thing, you go for it. My point is that the image and the fantasy that is being expressed and portrayed is not that of someone of legal age. You know it. I know it. It’s sick and if looking like a pre-pubescent child is what is getting you off, I’d suggest you seek some help. I disassociate myself with your kind. Let that be known.

        1. Your logic is already flawed cause what these folks are ADULTS – NOT CHILDREN. There used to be a disclaimer at the begining of pornos for folks like you who need… “help.” – “What you are about to see is a F-A-N-T-A-S-Y… performed by consenting ADULTS…”

          It’s certainly not my thing, but I not going to get in to a position of censure because something IS NOT my to my liking/find distasteful. AGAIN I’ll repeat: “If it’s not to your liking that scroll past.”

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