You’ll get to watch Austin Wolf play with his nipples at Men

Austin Wolf is now an exclusive model at MenCumming soon in a MEN exclusive! You love ripped, handsome, 6’4″ adult film icon Austin Wolf, and starting this year, there’s only one place to find him: right here.

You all know Austin loves his nipples.

20 thoughts on “You’ll get to watch Austin Wolf play with his nipples at Men

  1. Austin Wolf isn’t much better than a flasher in the park. He’s such a turn off. Remember when he got that guy fired from his airline job by releasing a video of them having sex in the lavatory? And his videos are terribly shot. Will someone tell these lazy fan accounts that putting the camera on the bedroom dresser 10 feet away from the fucking is not enough?

    1. “Will someone tell these lazy fan accounts that putting the camera on the bedroom dresser 10 feet away from the fucking is not enough?”

      A thousand times this ^. Austin Wolf, Colby Jansen, Rafael Alencar, they’ve shot entire boatloads of studio porn yet their own stuff is unwatchable crap; you’d never know they had been in front of a camera before.

      1. My guess would be that they can’t find people to work with/ film them properly.. I’ve seen a big decline with Colby Jansen’s in the last year.. I know since he’s moved away from gay porn and into Trans porn so maybe that’s a factor. Also he still claims to be everyone’s “favorite bear” but he’s no longer hairy and hadn’t done a scene with a real bear in ages..

  2. Every time I see him I’m reminded of a saying that I heard when I first started going out to bars while cruising for guys..

    ” Even the sweetest candy can still make you sick”..

    I honestly think he’s never been with anyone over the age of 21..

    1. his scenes with twinks that look underage are so off putting, beyond that I think he’s just not a good top

  3. Who did he piss off at FS/RS/NS that he can’t go back there? Not that’d I want to see him back at those studios.

    1. I know someone who worked on set with Mr. Wolf at Naked Sword awhile back. My friend was surprised that he’s now working for MEN cause he’s very demanding and for studio’s that’s a turn off.

  4. I will never understand why these stale, conceited tops are so popular. Shit’s so embarrassing.

    1. Because he’s 6 ft plus almost 300lb bodybuilder white dude that’s decently hung. That’s the holy grail at least in gay porn. A lot of people are attracted to that.

  5. If MEN were any smart, they’d re-edit the scenes they’ve already shot with him to remove any nipple tweaking: they could release the scenes with the promo tag ”NEVER BEFORE SEEN – 0% WOLF NIPPLE TWEAKS INCLUDED!!! MARVEL AT THE SIGHTS”

    And later down the line they could release a Best-Of compilation with all the boring nipple stuff, “100% ALL NIPPLE ALL THE DAMN TIME”, satisfying parched long-time fans.

  6. He’s an incredibly selfish top .. if you’ve watched most of his studio or any of his amateur scenes then it’s apparent that he only cares about himself and not his bottom.

  7. must be really desperate in order to be promoting Mr. Sexpest here as if he was a new and fresh thing.

    Newsflash: he’s not.

    His total top act is tiresome and reeks of overcompensation coming from an insecure person, something which for some reason is becoming quite common in this industry.

  8. When I think of Austin Wolf instantly Im taken to grainy footage of a sex scene of him and a guy 1/5 his size, bad audio andhis footage recorded from quite a dtstance. Not to be rude, i love tops to be tops (of course if they bottom i dont on them i just watch the scene).i also think he is a very hot man but his OF stuff is the same over and over.

  9. I mean this with the most seriousness, who gives a fuck?!? I loss all favor to him years ago for various reasons.

    This man will literally sit there and twist his nipples till they fucking ignite into flames. He will lay there like an inanimate object and let the reigning prom king twink bounce on his junk till they pass out from dehydration and exhaustion, while he twists away all day.

    He has no presence in his scenes but I must say that this is the perfect place for him to return to studio work. Men has died in quality years ago and so his performances should fit in perfectly. Wonder how it’ll turn out when he gets caught by a woman being shocked at the sight of gay sex?!

  10. Austin Wolf I don’t see the appeal. I guess because he is white and tall? His dick is so small guessing five inches Max. He doesn’t suck dick and he doesn’t get fucked. He is so boring too.

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