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Owen Hawk “More people should call out OF scammers BY NAME. Make them accountable.”

8 thoughts on “Owen Hawk “More people should call out OF scammers BY NAME. Make them accountable.”

  1. Any thoughts on Kane Hardy Denz? He’s inplying CF to be a shady studio. Not that I’m surprised

  2. Owen Hawk – He’s absolutly right! Never been clear why scammers weren’t called out in the first place. I hear complaints about scammers and content creators being dishonest, but cannot recall an instance where people specify who they are. Help others avoid the aggravation of spending $15 to discover the actual content is behind a paywall. Or to find poor quality videos and low update frequency.

  3. Some only fans guys charge outrageous prices for videos that are like five minutes. There are good guys on only fans though. Gabriel Cross is very good he releases full videos no additional fee. Roman Todd is excellent his only fans very good. Some guys suck like Dante Colle. Dante has totally abandoned gay porn. He user to make videos with other men like Michael Boston. But now or his only fans if you pay a fee mostly straight content of Dante fucking women. Same thing for Cliff Jensen lesson learned won’t be subscribing to them again.

  4. “ This is my random tweet week lol bare with me. For a group that doesn’t like to be judged, gay men sure do judge everyone else a lot.”

    I love this tweet!

    1. Everyone judges everyone by a lot, welcome to being a human being. I guess that some people didn’t get that memo…

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