Performer of the Year is Roman Todd

I made a post last month that Roman Todd was still in demand after more than 10 years in gay porn since he had almost 50 scenes released in 2022.

To start the year, he won as Performer of the Year at GayVN.

And, the first to release as scene of Roman was Kink Men.

19 thoughts on “Performer of the Year is Roman Todd

  1. I’m disappointed in you guys. As much as you lot bitch about Gay-for-pay, this worn out hole is performer of the year? Sad.

    1. Roman Todd isn’t gay for pay though he is clearly sexually attracted to men. Yes he is married. Yet on his only fans Roman is only having sex with other males. He is getting fucked up the ass cock rock hard getting fucked. He is sucking dick all over the place. He isn’t straight and Roman has said so. Unlike some male models who don’t have sex with other men outside of studio work Roman Todd does.

      1. You guys cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you slam everyone else, Roman needs to be slammed too. This is the fake outrage people point to about us. You can’t shame performers for being gay-for-pay only to turn around and worship one. That’s called being a hypocrite.

        1. Right. He doesn’t give a fuck about gay men. He just fucks us for cash flow and goes to his wife and lives heteronormative like nothing goes on.

          1. Mate nothing had changed as he was begging for money years ago and still does the same now by coaxing the Gay Public to fund his ass!

    2. Thank you I cannot bear him and he won this, it must be joke right? Who did he paid or sleep with to get this rewards, this ‘Hetero’ 😂 married person then 🤣🤣🤣🤣!

  2. FFS. Guess when someone is grilled into every fucking site and is overexposed to the fullest, it happens.

  3. “He had almost 50 scenes released in 2022.” Really? Are those full-on fuck scenes or does that total include OF wanks, re-releases, etc.

  4. Definitely deserved. He’s a star no matter what position. Honest about his sexuality (Pan). Respectful to fans. Never a troll.

  5. Roman Todd does nothing for me. I seriously don’t see what all the hype’s been about. I mean, he’s not hideous looking and he hasn’t done/said anything to make me think he’s a terrible person, but I feel zero excitement from watching his scenes. I’m bored beyond belief. I pass.

    1. Same here but sadly most of this lot love the boring overrate bloke and ‘definitely deserved’ please do me a favour. Jeez!

    1. Literally and the gays hold on to his dick and balls for dear life. I just will never understand why and get the appeal. He just seems like any other guy we see in the industry. It’s almost like how they cater to Dante Colle.

  6. The only problem I have with recent Roman Todd is that he’s working on too many scenes and is over-exposed. If I owned a production studio, I wouldn’t be using him for that reason. OTOH, I know studios do pick people like him even though they would agree with me because (a) they know them to be professionals who will (b) show up, on time, and do what they are asked, and (c) be able to perform as expected. My other problem is that I am really not that interested in seeing him top.

    Pretty much all his recent scenes taking cock up the ass I’ve enjoyed and it’s a shame that some guys he was paired with when he started, that he’ll likely never work with again, it was when his body is not as on point as it was at the start. I knew he was with and lived with a woman, but didn’t know it was an actual marriage. However, my default is that I really don’t care about people’s personal lives to that extent. I don’t assume, for example, that Chris Evans can keep an elevator from taking off or throw a metal disc made of space stuff like a Frisbee and have it always come back to him, and it doesn’t matter to him if he makes liberal tweets or made stupidly, idiotic MAGA tweets, in order to be able to, as just one recent movie, enjoy him playing a scoundrel on Knives Out.

    If Todd can keep his chin clean shaven since that chin strap or whatever is often growing on his lower face does him no favors, and is able to still suck dick with the skill and confidence of a long-no-longer-a-virgin gay dude, and can still appear as if he is very much enjoying taking a big dick up his ass, I’m fine with fapping off to it.

    It doesn’t bother me if people here or elsewhere want all gay guys in porn. I generally agree that this is preferred, but it’s not realistically going to happen. Unlike some, I have no interest in straight guys, I don’t mind the genuinely curious and the genuinely bisexual, but someone just collecting the Benjamins and making no bones about how much they dislike the sex, even on camera – that’s nonsense. But if they can perform, I don’t care about their personal lives – it’s just fucking porn.

    Now, is should a straight man be the performer of the year, that’s a different question. And again, we don’t honestly know the situation of every male who performed in gay porn this year. And are we saying studio and professional web site films. I would suspect, even though I don’t like a lot of his content, scene models, etc., that Rhyheim Shabazz is probably the performer of the year and Rico Marlon is probably the openly gay performer of the year (not that RS is or is not, I don’t know/don’t GIVE TWO FUCKS since he’s not really my speed) even though he’s been with a ton of models I don’t get off on, but because his content is consistent, whether he’s on OnlyFans or filming for a Brazilian site, or a studio/web site.

    But there are probably 5-6 other guys whom I would personally pick as my favorite for 2022.

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