7 thoughts on “Then & now on Luke Hamill

  1. I loved Luke Hamill the first time I ever saw him perform on BelAmi. Then loved him taking fellow sex pig Kevin Warhol under his wing and training him to be an amazing performer. Glad he’s still around (despite the bald head).

    Now all we need are pictures of the best BA sex pig ever Dano Sulik to be published!

  2. Didn’t he perform earlier at other studios under another name? Lean, cute, often kind of shaggy dark blond hair? I stumble across some of those scenes now and then and smile thinking of what an interestings career arc he has had. It’s probably a BelAmi thing, though, the way they keep retiring models in the family. And Luke doesn’t merely “work behind the camera,” he’s directed many wonderful scenes and really helped define the BA brand [and move it forward, imho].

  3. According to a source I checked, Luke’s porn career goes way back to 2004, appearing as Joseph Stanek and Brad Ryder. It seems he was also called Julian Benet at BA before a name change.

  4. He is not pretty but he is masculine which is good. Even when he was younger his face was very masculine. He still looks good.

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