Aspen “Those that know me know the reality of the situation.”

11 thoughts on “Aspen “Those that know me know the reality of the situation.”

    1. Hes facing legal issues, child molestation charges. Hes just saying those that know him know the true situation. Who knows the real situation, itll all comw out in court..

      1. Aspen seems to almost always be in these “hard to explain, victimized situations”
        It ends, and then again he is in legal trouble again and and again. It is always …” I can’t wait for my side to come out” Bullshit. ENOUGH.

          1. you know, you’re right. Many of these guys are on the front lines being harassed by some of the most malevolent trolls the world has ever seen.

  1. Cheers MOP for the weekly twitter round up. But jeez my goodness reading all of these tweets make me realised how fucked up and challenging the gay porn industry is. There a few gems. The Genius Tony ‘Bi’ ok whatever and Brock hopefully he sort his housing out as being homeless is no nice. On the plus side Ricky Donovan ah sweet re flowers from his hubby and Sean Austin congratulations on his proposal.

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