Bad Puppy with content bought from Bi Latin Men

Bad Puppy do buy most (or all?) of their content.

The latest bought scene by Bad Puppy [gallery] had Tyga Martinez as the top to Angel Menfis.

If you look at the floor tiles, it’s the same floor tiles in Tyga’s scenes at Bi Latin Men in 2020.

Not only that, the painting on the wall at Bad Puppy was also used at Bi Latin Men.

Bad Puppy is not the first to buy content from Bi Latin Men. Tyga also had scenes released at Treasure Island Media.


  1. Wade

    Bad Puppy is still around?

  2. Norm

    Yeah you would have thought that someone would have bought the name, and turned it into a site for puppy play by now.

  3. Srw

    I seriously can’t believe anyone subscribes to Badpuppy. Has to be one of the most poorly made sites I’ve ever seen. A maze of dead links and duplicate pages. Porn sites seem to come and go like the wind; that Badpuppy is still around is mind boggling.

  4. Gazzaq

    Bi Latin Men is bloody great site that is underrated for lots of the other poor over expensive sites. Great contact and hot amateur unknown guys!

    • Philby

      There’s a host of excellent Latin-American sites producing some of the best gay porn around. The guys can be a bit over-tattooed but they’re clearly into eachother, and the production values are high.
      Also there’s no faffing around with silly plots and contexts; just straight in to the action!

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