A message from Elliot Finn to Justin Matthews “Fake apologies! Always stick up for yourself ๐Ÿ˜Œ especially if you can prove it ๐Ÿ˜” (tip @ Bruiser)

20 thoughts on “A message from Elliot Finn to Justin Matthews “Fake apologies! Always stick up for yourself ๐Ÿ˜Œ especially if you can prove it ๐Ÿ˜” (tip @ Bruiser)

  1. Could that Paris guy be any more narcissistic?

    I like how a lot of the responses to his question say they have more celebrity contacts than him.

  2. Kian Kane (ddylonglegs)_ – Where the hell have you been? I demand more porn with you in it.

    Jake Waters – Love the smiles in this photo. Happiness is beautiful.

    Logan Stevens – Always been a favorite of mine. Can’t get enough of him.

    Louis Ricaute – Come get this! lol

    Michael Stokes – Great lighting with subtle falloff. I like the simplicity of the photo, it helps to place the focus on the subject.

  3. I see Limp Bizkit cough I mean Pierce Paris is trying to show off again. Too bad he only holds back when he’s on set performing. ๐Ÿ™„

  4. Elliott Finn just needs to take his hairy self righteous 110% heterosexual G4P torn up ass pack his pornie girlfriend in his jeep along with his cum stained undies he sells for $50 a pop lock up his rented tract home and leave gay men the hell alone. I mean this in a nice way.

    1. Seriously, If Justin has a sugar daddy and is a third in their relationship it’s all sex work. Elliot sounds like an idiot as usual.

  5. I was just reading about Justin Matthews on his LPSG thread. He’s “done” with gay porn…and he’s “straight” now. He seems like a real asshole. He and Elliot Finn deserve each other.

    1. Justin has been doing gay porn for over 10 years ! i have always liked him but i noticed recently he’s getting passed the” use by date’ so its good timing for him..

  6. Sharok was in Sรขo Paulo in 2022. He was whoring himself with an add at Rentmen. He may doing the same in Paris now.

  7. One thing I admire about black gay and bisexual performers is that most of them are with men in real life. Dillion Diaz and Trent King are both bisexual, but their partners are men. You rarely see that with white gay pornstars, even the ones who claim to be bisexual have female partners. Although strides have been made, homosexuality is still a big stigma in the black community. Being gay isnโ€™t something to be joked about for profit nor something that can be removed like clothing. So when a black man does gay porn, he is usually queer IRL because he knows of the stigma.

    Even Channing Rodd at HotGuysFuck/Gayhoopla was dating a guy IRL at one point. The guy was a social influencer and used to upload imitate videos of them hanging out.

  8. This was certainly another parade of bad life choices and oversharing. Griffin Barrows and Logan Stevens notwithstanding. Also, I think I’m in love with Devin Franco. Lordy!

  9. Dante…they know you’re twisted Gay4Pay trash. Good for Instagram for keeping you off it. And I’m not even going there with why Elon gave you the blue tick, but it’s your badge of honour.

    Roman…it doesn’t matter. You’re already haunting gay porn, so wreck yourself with the traditional prison tattoo look that’s favoured by G4Payers. With any luck, you’ll be in the chair long enough to skip at least one weak of your mediocre scenes spamming every single site.

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