Main complaint from fans with the Barron & Roman scene at Corbin Fisher


This is the 4th scene of Barron with Roman at Corbin Fisher.

A comment on the scene sent by HermanCee via email “That Bel Ami lighting that Corbin Fisher is using is so annoying. Bel Ami lighting? Filming in a sunlit room. This produces too much light. This is porn. Not a Sundance film.

Roman (aka Noah Sean Cody) is now known as Damian Night, who had a scene released by Men last December.

5 thoughts on “Main complaint from fans with the Barron & Roman scene at Corbin Fisher

  1. Look it’s awesome how they want to show no f#$ks given by a screwing infront of uncovered windows, but if they used sheer curtains, it’s would be a bit more classy , risky and sexy IMO.

  2. BelAmi usually gets the exposure right even with the bright, ethereal glow in the background. They bounce enough fill light from the front so you can still see the action. CF seems to have missed the mark here.

  3. Excellent scene where CF excels with two experienced models. Nice to see Barron back (who is not my favourite performer but in this limit stable is a most welcome) he is true Bisexual performer, giving his all in all of his scenes on the Gay/Coed’ side of the business. Romain/Damian Night who is making a name for himself all over the internet its great to see him back home,!

    Barron’s hitting Roman Phat Ass from behind and seeing it bounce all over the place, FUCKING HELL DOUBLE DAMN! it just remind me of Sean Fucking the original model Roman back in 2012 and that is one of my most favourite CF scenes which I re-watched today.

    And this is how a scene should leave us, satisfied and not wanting more from the performers. I disliked the new filming style which was also used for Houston Coed scene I note, but its not for me at all, I dont like it. The cum shots were ok but Barron’s second replay and not being able to see it was lacking. But well done Corbin Fisher!

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