Morgxn (or Morgan) Thicke to be introduced this Friday by Men & Raging Stallion

At Men, Morgan Thicke was the top to Dylan Hayes.

At Raging Stallion, Morgxn Thicke was the top to Drew Valentino.

On Twitter, he is known as Morgxn Thicke “Feminasty Queer with Butch Queen Tendencies“.

Some of his homemade videos were released by Top Fan Vids & Raw Fuck Club.


  1. Magnus

    I’ve always been fixated on his hairy body. But something looks off in these pics. Did he get his lips injected?

    • David Morphis (@dmorphis)

      I agree, hairy body is great! The face, not that much…

  2. Max

    We really got to stop treating these guys as Unicorns cause it amazes me how guys like him can use the words “Butch Queen”, and only get away with it because of his looks.

  3. Pertinax

    Handsome man. How do people pronounce ‘Morgxn’ in English? In my language it’s impossible.

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