No shocked faces or walkouts from women in the latest scene at Men

There has to be a huge market for these types of scenes where women are part of the storyline in a gay porn scene since, Men has not stopped filming such scenes. The latest had Dom King fucking Logan Aarons where their girlfriends were nearby.

They didn’t get caught. No angry or shocked faces. No walkouts. Everyone is happy, specially the guys.


  1. ericstrondheim8

    yes, there is a female market for gay porn. now, get over it.

    • Reg

      Yeah and those women don’t want to see other women in it. Women who watch gay porn want two men fucking, not two dozy cows taking up so much time on the video.

  2. Steve

    Exactly… Just like that site SEE HIM FUCK.. it focuses on str8/bi/Pan male porn stars being serviced by a woman

    It’s geared towards women cause of all the str8 porn stars they get, who otherwise wouldn’t be caught dead doing gay porn less it damage their “brand”…

    • Alex W

      Except most of these so called gay loving women would never work with another male performer who’s done gay porn. Not that I care one way or another when it comes to the straight side of the industry. I just think a lot of them are hypocrites.

  3. Gayprdaddy premises are tired. Always dudes cheating on their girlfriends. Never a focus on Men actually being Gay. It’s so Ridiculous. Your suppose to be a Gay Porn company. Just focus on hot man on Man sex and lose the women.

  4. Rick is a division of a Montreal based straight porn company called Pegas ( french for Pegasus) . If you do an online search you’ll find that 75% of their male performers are from Montreal, bi, and on both platforms.

    It’s their dirty little secret they don’t want you to know…

  5. Andy

    Straight women aren’t as open minded plenty are homophobic. trying to appeal to women is lame. Gay porn is meant for men sexually attracted to other men. When I watch gay porn I don’t want to see women in it. It is fantasy a male world. It just shows the lack of imagination in gay porn!

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