11 thoughts on “Noah & Dane at Corbin Fisher

  1. I never paid much attn to Dane but seeing this scene, omfg! The guy is a sex machine! Fkn hot! Looking fwd to watching his older scenes. Its awful he may be facng considerable prison time, we shall see.

      1. Omg i hadnt heard. Yeah he has issues w law, but if he did wrong he should pay. If in mostly clear he was not guilty but had other crimes to pay for with sentence, then good for him

  2. Everytime I see one of these “has been arrested” postings and the responses that follow, I can’t help to think of the Kids in the Hall sketch where the premis is…

    ” All the girls want to know, who’s the cutest boy on death row “

  3. Corbin Fisher over the years has been consistent with producing great porn remember Cade, Brent, Aaron, Dawson, Austin and Jarrod et al and the golden period with Sean, Tom, Smith, Harper, Max, Beau et al, But since 2019 it has been lacking. Dane is great performer and versatile his earlier scenes for the get go were absolutely bloody fantastic.

    There are so many of them including his scene with Max fucking the hell out of him then shooting his load directly into his mouth. Elian and his after dark scene with him looking directly in the camera, looking fucked and his bi scene with Barron is excellent. His more recent scenes are lacking and have been rang in. Noah ok but is always bottoming and he could switch up a bit.

    Like all of the studios they have had their day and are superseded by Only Fans and Just For Fans who produce hotter content!

    1. They WERE consistent, up until they fired their entire BTS crew (including the gorgeous Pete) and replaced them with a poorer crew and then hired far inferior models. The days of Cade, Dawson, Lucas, Connor and their “Alumni” are long gone and replaced with jail-bird trash and drifters.

      They have no standards and the quality is shameful in comparison to what it used to be.

      What CF was died a LONG time ago.

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