Ricky Larkin “See you tomorrow @RockyVallarta.”

15 thoughts on “Ricky Larkin “See you tomorrow @RockyVallarta.”

  1. ASHTON SUMMERS – Looks good but do not go much more..
    CRAIG MARKS – Always hot, always perfect.
    GREYSON LANE – C’mon man, you said you were leaving gay porn for good! You didn’t even last a year.
    MIKE De MARKO – Wow, where have you been hiding? A comeback might be cool…
    PIERCE PARIS JASON COLLINS…. Quit trying so hard. Just go.
    EDWARD TERRANT – Yes, you are too right. I think you are way under appreciated.

    1. Anyone else feel that this week’s selection of tweets flt more like a bunch of late nite Infomercials than anything else?

  2. I feel like fucking in the Snow is like Fucking at the Beach… it looks better in a movie than in real life. Like… really, I imagine all the cold is only going to help with the shrinkage!

  3. Also, just to be honest on personal experiences, Biphobia is the worst with gay people… online only, and more so just on the topic of porn. I imagine they are more so for a porn star, and maybe it represents some secret feeling of real community bubbles, but porn blogs aren’t real life. I don’t feel like it’s a real “gay community” issue, but that’s my opinion.

    (And maybe I am just bias. I’m not Trans, I am Bi, but the Anti-Trans stuff from the gay (online) community (-ies) scares me much more)

    1. Bisexual men love to be in gay men’s spaces, to police us. To tell us how we should feel, to tell us that we’re transphobic because we are not attracted to women or vaginas. Bi men love being in our community and spaces to tell us how they are not gay, how close to being straight the are, how much they are attracted to women. Bi men love being in gay men spaces how they are the ones that are really oppressed, how they suffer so much. Bisexuals men love to tell gay men how we should feel and think and act in our own communities because some how they know better

    2. I seriously have no issues with bisexual men. Does it turn me on? No, but as long as there’s real chemistry and attraction there (for my side), I’m not bothered by them being bi. That’s genuinely bi. Not fake bi guys who throw the label out to appease their following only to reject it once they’ve reached where they wish to be. I have no patience for fakers, users, liars, scammers, etc etc.

      As for this transphobia nonsense…. Not wanting to sleep with someone with the unpreferred genitalia is not transphobic. In this case, we should assign all heterosexual males as homophobic for not wanting to have sex with gay men. Ridiculous. A phobia = Irrational fear. Not an innate, physiological inclination. And my inclination is not to have sex with someone who’s got either of the following.. A. A vagina. or B. A feminine body. I’m not changing my inclinations for anyone. Sorry. I also feel like I’ve debated about this to the point of exhaustion and yet some people still don’t get it.

    3. Your issue is not with gay men. Your issue is with your biphobic bisexual cohorts who feel like the label bisexual is too much of a cross to bear so they’d rather call themselves straight than deal with the shit that comes with owning who you are because they are cowards even with dicks down their throats and in their small intestines. Men who want to do gay stuff but cling to being straight while talking down on gay men who pave the way for their ungrateful asses.

    4. It’s interesting how many people thought by “Anti-Trans” I meant people not liking Trans porn/ not dating Trans people. No… I wasn’t talking about that at all!

      Y’all need to look at more post on trans people, outside of this site included. There is a lot of “They aren’t going to target me” or “Trans people are different/don’t count” stuff going around that shouldn’t sit right with anyone!

  4. Biphobia is mostly over blown. It really fears and assumptions made by gay men and straight women based on stereotypes, horror stories, and observed behavior from bi men online. YOu want to scream biphobia, but always do/say ignorant shit about gay men, exhibit internalized phobia/homophobia towards gay men, and allow recklessness from bi men under the guise of progressivism/sexual liberation. Stop the cap and be willing to discuss the reality bi men bring especially bi men in the industry who are very heterosexist and promote heterosexism.

  5. So I see masculine Jason is being a hypocrite again.. he’s really got to stop taking the moral high road every time he gets cause in one if his Fin Dom schemes.

    Plus the advice he gives on his YouTube channel is both self serving and toxic.

    You eat coal and shit out diamonds.. we get it.

  6. Ashton looks photoshopped.

    As for Ricky, it’s either porn or Amazon warehouse. I think the latter is suicide inducing for those allergic to regular employment. It’s much better to lay on your back or stick your pole in some holes/hoes. I guess.

    1. It doesn’t look photoshopped at all. He’s just finished a session in the gym and his muscles are pumped and tense. A couple of hours after this photo, they liked relaxed again.

  7. re: Biphobia.
    I’m not biphobic because I am skeptical. I’m skeptical because many(myself included) said we were bi in the beginning. It seemed more acceptable to many because we supposedly still like women. I have heard that said by straight people many times in my life. “He’s cool because he still likes women”. So, I’ll remain skeptical, until proven otherwise

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