Aspen versus Ricky Larkin

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    1. Not a fan of Ricky’s for a myriad of reasons, but he’s right. At least concerning this matter.

      I’m a little lost. I thought Aspen was incarcerated? How is he tweeting and challenging people to fights? Or is his sentence set for a later date? I can’t keep up with porn star shenanigans or the drama they seem to constantly bring to the table.

        1. Ah gotcha. Well I guess we’ll see then, aye? I wasn’t a fan of his to begin with, but if those accusations are true, his status moves up to loathsomely despicable.

      1. Aspen has not even had a date in court yet. In this country I believe you’re considered innocent until proven guilty. This has taken years to get to this stage because his accuser, an ex girlfriend apparently has a vendetta against Aspen and the prosecution has wrestled with her credibility regarding the whole matter. What’s wrong with all of you commenting fools?

    2. They both have had major legal issues because of their own behaviors…..not saying Aspen is guilty, but its like another poster posted “trash on trash”😂😂😂😂. Tho i dont mind admitting much of both of their works are hot!

    3. They’re both garbage people. Aspen is vile, but at least he’s physically attractive. I can see why he was hired before the revelation of the kind of person he is. Why does Ricky Larkin get work in this industry? He was always physically ugly. He’s also a horrible human being (a total racist). They both need to get lost.

        1. Aspen has neen arrested a lot (including battery). I also believe the allegations involving a child. Ricky Larkin has said many racist and transphobic statements. Have you read his Twitter? Yes, I think they’re garbage.

          “Speaking of garbage.”

          Speaking of garbage.

    4. Someone was whining about biphobia. These two right here are perfect examples on why “biphobia” exists

      1. If they’d been going out, then COMPLETELY. Jack and Dolf seem to have forgotten that they beat the shit out of each other, were self-proclaimed hardcore drug users and I think it was Jack who branded Dolf a paedophile, right? Aspen and Ricky though…when did they ever have any kind of relationship, friendship or otherwise that’s lead to this?

      1. This is the land of the.. there isn’t such a thing as innocent until proven guilty. Once the notion is out you’re guilty.

    5. Were they DATING? Two Gay4Pay porn stars. Why was Ricky at Aspen’s house, why was he sharing documents with him? And calling Mr. Anti-Vaxxer himself of all people to “back him up”?

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