15 thoughts on “Charlie Cherry, who loves to top since 2016, with two more scenes as the top

  1. Yeah and dont we know it he is fit and all but this always topping and is fairly boring average performer. I prefer versatile performers in Gay Porn. But as Charlies claims he is Bisexual, maybe this the reason he wont give up his fine ass to get fucked by another man on film, which is a pity.

    1. Pls just accept there r guys who DONT WANT TO BE FUCKED! I promise ur life will be better. The hatred of tops only crowd is like green mold on bread… get rid of it, move on. This very same crowd probably usually screams “open minded” when they hate anything they disapprove of (top onlys).

      1. Mate yes and you have said many times on this blog We get it you are a Top Only Fan!

        Its not hatred pal, its a preference that some us Gay Men like our models to be versatile that all!


        1. Prefernce vs hatred come together as one w “versatile only crowd” who most likely claim “open mnded” ppl.

          1. Ok mate, that is that is your opinion of course, and no doubt others on here may agree or disagree with this, as even I cant work some of these lot out.

            But Hatred is strong word, just because one does not agree with another individuals choices when watching and commenting in Gay Porn that,s all!

      2. You’re going to have to chill out this. Some like a top, others a bottom, but you can’t have porn with only tops. And of course not everyone likes it! The Gay4Payers, straight-leaning bisexuals and wholly gay men who don’t enjoy anal sex of course want! This isn’t real life though. It’s porn. They’re being paid to bottom and man times to people they personally like, despise, aren’t attracted to in the slightest, but it’s a job.

        Tops in reality, absolutely, but in porn, you should be willing to do the lot, please everyone and if you only like to see a porn star topping, then just don’t want them bottoming.

        1. I habe stated man times i just dont watch but i also dont throw vile hatred like “verse ONLY” crowds who hate tops only. Do u not see the hate comments thrown at tops only for not bottoming? Just go back and read all the idiocy. Its not hard to find. And to remind u PS can choose what they wanna do. Theres always a market for w/e thry choose and if not get out of business or stay in and change. Its that simple

    2. I wish someone would stick a used dildo – with lots of shit on it, and just you the fuck up! Holy fuck!!! Blah, blah, blah blah…

    3. Totally agree 100%! Versatile performers are much more interesting and hotter to watch as you’ll never know what they’ll be doing next, whereas these ‘total tops’ are just boring and their performances are fairly predictable and so contrived! Sometimes it’s like watching straight porn.

      1. I would love to know more about Charlie’s life, his background, his choices, his thoughts. He is simply the best!

  2. “STRAIGHT FUCK IN A GAY CLUB”? Whose fantasy is that?

    And I’m sorry, but this guy is not a top. That scene with Dani Robles was just awkward. There are some guys who just don’t look good topping. Dani, Alejo Ospina, Daniel Montoya, Gabriel Cross (who admittedly doesn’t look good in porn in any way) and don’t get me started on Johnny Rapid. Trying to rebrand him as a top was actually proposterous.

  3. I got to be honest, unless this is a count down to his bottoming premier, I don’t really care. He’s a hot model, but models that only ever do one thing their entire career don’t do it for me. It’s boring.

    1. I agree I mean look at Rhyheim Shabazz for example, as that says it all. He went up in my estimation for being the versatile performer that I always knew he was and giving up that fine booty.

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