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  1. Bangle

    “The director I just filmed with said I was the most humble And professional person he has ever worked with and he been doing this for twenty god damn years” – Sure David, this is exactly the kind of post the most humble person would make.

    Also, what’s with all trans women being featured? It’s supposed to of MENofporn…?

    • Jimmy

      The director is the owner of military classified, of course he’s going to give him inaccurate compliments 😂

    • Bsg67

      Well enough about ME, what do you think of ME!

    • Nat

      He then goes on to make further posts bragging and bragging about how “great” he is. If that’s humility in the porn world then wow, that’s sad. Like bruh, get off social media, it’s obviously really bad for you.

  2. Pavel Ford

    DAVID SKYLAR and HENRICK SOMMERX = Koo Koo Koo Koo Koo Koo….somebody get a big net ready and grab these 2 and put them in a rubber room.
    ELLIOT FINN and JAKE ORION and PIERCE PARIS = Pathetic Sad attempts to try and keep any gay guys paying them $.
    KUPER = Really I have no words….
    LEO LOUIS = I know I should be offended but coming from him I am just not somehow….

  3. Andy

    I can see both sides of the gay porn model who is was a judge. His only fans is private you got to subscribe to see it. But the guy has a Twitter account and I think he posts explicit content there. There are morality clauses for judges and other public officials like teachers. People don’t want porn models to teach their kids. This guy though might have a case to sue because the law is subjective. The only way to find his sex work content if you know where to search for it.

    • Rockhard288

      Exactly the dude was a posting and saying pervy stuff online with easily being identified, I mean he revealed his own occupation on his Twitter. So silly. For a judge, you need to uphold a public professional face and appear impartial. I wonder how many lawyers want to revisit cases after hearing about this.

    • Gazzaq

      You know this is difficult one as especially as in some profession this will not accepted, such as this guy who was outed to his employer by this journalist and then fired. I do feel for these guys who work in porn and want to maintain a separate life style without having the negatives judgements of associated with it, as this is a ongoing challenge for them.

      If you work in porn it likely you will be found out, as before social media, model could appear on film and disappear back into their ordinary lives e.g. like the Falcon/Sean Cody /Corbin models of old, where upon we did not know much about them outside their porn work despite our efforts to find out more.

      Showing my age now but for example Falcon’s Mike Branson you never knew anything about his private life outside his gay porn work. Now that does not happen and the guys entering the industry should be educated re how appearing in porn will affect them in some areas of their lives when for example seeking non porn employment as we hear so many time of how they fired from their jobs!

    • Alohamora

      I didn’t read the article; but, didn’t he start moonlighting after he was fired? I based this from the headline

  4. Jktooo

    hahaha i am almost 100% sure skylar was talking about blocking me. The guy is angry, rage issues, mentally unstable. So his rant i am sure was in response to my tweet. He has been bragging about being straight and then bragging about 4 or however many scenes in 24 hr period, so since he was being vague of whether it was str8, gay trans studio i tweeted “what straight studio did u scenes for? He replied something like “i dont like ur tone”, to which i replied then go fuck a chick to feel better feel better about urself? Where in those 2 tweets did i express bigotry. HE is the one CONSTANTLY expressing he is str8 and almost a contempt for gay porn. The other thing i dont think i ever followed him, and he said he blocked me but i was still following him? How can i follow him when blocked me which i wasnt evenaware til this morning? The guys unhinged i d i o t! Where in those 2 tweets was there bigotry from me? Uh non existent, i was trying to clarify if he had decided to move on to str8 porn since he is apparently str8. Pls keep highlighting this guys idiocy so we as a human can see HOW NOT TO BE!

  5. sejabemviado (@bottom_brazil)

    Look at the most outrageous and cringeworthy posts on this list. What do these people have in common? They’re not gay men. I know people say it doesn’t matter as long as they perform well, but they fail to realize that porn has transcended the sex performance aspect of it, like any other media, due to the boom of social platforms. Now porn ‘stars’ are public personas, they are digital influencers, they have voices and opinions about various subjects. And all these G4P ‘stars’ have one underlying characteristic: they are toxic as hell, but they’re given voice and they’re given permission to say all these stupid things just because some people want to see them fuck on camera. If G4P was already a problem then, I feel it’s a much bigger problem now, but not because of the sex itself, but because of all the influence that these clueless homophobic straight men have surrounding their porn career.

    • Jktooo

      Dude its not g4p its human beings that attracts narcissists cuz of their looks and with narcissists comes illogical irrational prideful ppl who r often high and on stuffs.

      • Jktooo

        Clarify human beings in porn industry…

      • sejabemviado (@bottom_brazil)

        Yes, true. Humans in general. But in the context of gay porn, you can’t deny that the most problematic things come from either the G4P or the ‘fluid’ brigade. Just read the tweets that Denz posts every Sunday and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. You need to stop giving these people free passes to be jerks just because you may find them attractive.

        • Jktooo

          I respectfully disagree. Bcuz so many “gay” performers have suicide. And suice is more toxic than what apparently g4p’ers do. G4p’ers may be more drama inducing but in general in gay porn, any porn, its toxic. So many pS have committed suicide.

        • Gazzaq

          Well said mate this why the Gay Porn Industry is so fucked!

        • Gazzaq

          My last comment was to you SBB re ‘Well said mate this why the Gay Porn Industry is so fucked!’

    • Res1

      You forget to mention that a lot of them are addicted to attention. They think they are celebrities. Many of them set out to become actors, but weren’t good enough. Now they’re bitter because the only living they can make is doing porn and they’re far too stupid/lazy to go back to college.

    • Gazzaq

      Yes and if you read Jake Orion fans responses it sad reflection of their continued acceptance of his toxic comments that allows him and other to continue their bile/delusions against the very community that stupidly support them and only have themselves to blame!

  6. Gazzaq

    Marco R is looking good and so is DeAngelo j, that ass though?

    Poor Henrik is going through an ongoing mental health crisis and I hope he get the help that he needs. His doctor giving him a referral to a psychiatrist is good news. I worry about him as mental health is not to be laughed at in any way.

    Elliot is a pain in the butt, but re Corbin Fisher and other studios he had worked for after them, he is give pretty honest account of their working practices. However he needs to be honest re his attraction to men and move on to another career, or come back and shoot more gay porn but this time maintain an erection would be useful. He could used a supplement like Jax and Dane from his first studio who if you notice are always hard and ready to go in their scenes to maintain their rock hard erection. They never appear with soft cocks unlike say Barron, just saying!

    David Skylar is delusion ‘heterosexual’ Idiot, enough said!

    And Jake Orion is insulting and is still revered by the gay community! Why is that guys? Someone please explain to an old bloke like me, why we are having to deal with these disrespectful individuals in our industry. I recall once upon a time that the gay porn community use to reject individuals who made comments or was hostile towards us. But now we always give them our time, attention and money to fund their comfortable lifestyle and they feel comfortable to continued disrespecting us!

    Anyhow what I say is not gonna make one iota of a difference is it?

    Cheers Denz for the updates this week.

  7. Reg

    “most humble And professional person he has ever worked with”…so David, was that a dream or a hallucination?

    “Maybe I need to convert to being gay”…and Jake, you’ll find that guys will reject you too.

  8. ericstrondheim8

    I have not heard about this judge before; of course I don’t read rags like the NY Post. Was he an actual judge, as in deciding legal matters? If so, he must be totally delusional.

    • ericstrondheim8

      oh wait, I just read he told some anti-gay hag councilwoman to “suck his cunt”. He’s got my vote!

      • Gazzaq

        Further to my comment above about him I have realise I have seen a number of his scenes on RFC & My Vidster and he has only fans et al. Jeez the Judge AKA ctrlzalt must of pissed of that journalist big time although outing him like this is out of order!

  9. Emerson

    David Skylar is still seeking attention on Twatter? Haven’t him said he was leaving porn?

    • Reg

      He said he’s leaving. He’s said he’s going to commit suicide. He has no intention of doing either. This is his platform and he ain’t leaving it.

  10. Alex W

    This was a smorgasbord of awfulness this time around. A vast collection of asshole of the week nominees. . You could put them all on an island somewhere and pornland would be mighty quiet. Empty and quiet.

    I think I am starting to figure David Skylar out. I think he gets off on the backlash from some of the absurd things he says. It’s a weird masochistic kind of adrenaline rush he gets from being loathed. Some people thrive on this shit. I’ll never understand why… The simple fact that we’re all playing into this is only fueling his fire.

    Lukas Daken…. Ugh. I thought he was so hot when he first came out. He had this cute, boy next door kind of vibe happening. While I am not putting him down for being who he wants to be, I have to say that it it does not appeal to me as a gay man who’s attracted to masculinity. Not feeling this new persona. Sorry.

    Not going to pick on Henrik today. I genuinely feel bad for the guy. I think he needs some alone time to sort himself out and heal from whatever past trauma he dealt with.

    Elliot, Jake O, Pierce, Ricky Larkin…. A collection of strep-infected boils on the ass of society. Nothing more to say.

    Dmitry… Not so sure, man. If you’re as boring as you are in all of the scenes you’ve done thus far, I won’t be subscribing. Probably wouldn’t anyway.

  11. Bruiser

    Elliott Finn. Robbie please just go. Take your smug hairy lil ripped up 110% heterosexual arse, your bug eyed shtick, your “fiance” and just leave gay men the hell alone..

  12. a b

    What a contrast! The gay for real Deangelo Jackson showing off his literally perfect body without need for drama to get our attention, and the narcissistic dumpsterfire those three gay4drugs constantly bitching for attention

    • Reg

      Gay4Drugs…that’s actually brilliant and SO on the mark! Gay4Meth, Gay4Roids, Gay4Prison…

  13. Bsg67

    Getting major Dahmer vibes from the Heinrick dude.
    As for the rest thank you for the laugh 😂

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