Finn Harding after his flip fuck with Malik Delgaty

Last November, Finn Harding’s flip fuck scene with Malik Delgaty was released by Men. After that, Men released 4 more scenes of Malik while it took them almost 4 months to release another scene of Finn. His scene as the top to Troye Dean is up next on the site.

7 thoughts on “Finn Harding after his flip fuck with Malik Delgaty

    1. Yeah, Finn Harding and Milek topping scenes are really boring. Hope Finn Harding would do more bottom scenes.

  1. I wonder if the “director” demands the vacant look and wooden performance, or if that’s just the requirement for the model.

  2. No way of knowing when this was filmed. It could be months old and just being released now. Maybe the last thing they’ve got in the can. Seems some are hoping that’s the case.

    I agree, he’ll never win an Oscar, but he has a certain, albeit awkward, boy-next-doorish charm. He has a strong body without looking like a body builder and sexy tan lines picked up sculling.

    On some level porn is always what it really is. In this case, two guys engaging in sexual activity while others watch and film it so anyone with the fare can watch and enjoy. If the fantasy elements (sets, costumes, acting) are lacking, I can still enjoy the reality.

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