5 thoughts on “Langley Gold with a porn site owner

  1. I really rate Raunchy Bastards and the owner does not fuck about like some owners, fawning over the models that he hires. Nah mate Clay’s mission is to recruit and fuck the lads, and to get in and off on them, and that pretty much his formula for an successful business, and that’s enough for me.

    I note that he is constantly criticised for this, with the other site producing more a more sanitised product which is acceptable. But for me, there are some great performers on the site and some move off to other studios and good luck them and Clay I say. No doubt the vote downs as per usual will follow lol!

  2. On the one hand he does seem to have a thing for guys that are 2 or 3 times his age. Maybe that’s his way of denying his true sexuality. But on the other hand the expression on his face says he really hates doing it so why torture himself. Is it more about masochism than money?

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