Matt of Corbin Fisher aka Ginger Prince

Matt had scenes released at Corbin Fisher from 2006 to 2009.

He joined Twitter in 2013 as Ginger Prince but, majority of his tweets were sent after 2020.


  1. Chris Duran

    Cade (“The Machine”) gave it to him real good at Corbin Fisher.

    • Gazzaq

      Ah mate I fucking love that scene and Cade was bloody great performer and re-watched all of his scenes last month!

  2. Gazzaq

    I saw Matt aka GP1 on another site, and thought to myself, nah that’s not Matt from years ago. And it only bloody well was, and I recently watched all of his scenes with Trent, Lucas and my fav Cade, who I bet have not aged as well. This GP1 is looking good and still performs as well. I think he lives in Australia now!

    As Chris just said in his post “Cade (“The Machine”) gave it to him real good at Corbin Fisher and I bloody love Cade. His over pounding of his bottoms including Jeff, Dante, Lucas, and Aaron which is on of my most favourite scenes, alongside his Fucking Heath’ who cries ‘oh gosh as he face down ass up lol are classics. Then the scene with pretty boy TJ in the gym, who had trouble maintaining a hard on a stand out early CF scene. Happy Days Indeed!

      • Gazzaq

        My Vidster and on his Twitter page @agingerprince1

      • Oz

        He has an OF account as Ginger Prince as well. There are some hot scenes there.

  3. Reg

    Isn’t he the guy that appeared on CF, at 18, but then appeared later on another website, a couple of years later, also listing his age at 18 and then CF removed his videos?

    That happened quite a bit in the early days of CF, when Pete and Dirk were still there.

    • Gazzaq

      He is the same guy but his videos are still on the site. CF tend removed videos all the time I note for no reason at all. But luckily I have most of their old back catalogue. All except Cade first bottoming scene with Logan which was corrupted my copy of the scene I recently discovered.

      • Wild Card

        @Gazzaq — I have that scene — are you able to PM me here?

  4. simp

    Wow he’s certainly looking hot these days.

  5. Ozjohn

    His IG (agingerprince) is worth checking if you like what you see here.

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