10 thoughts on “More tattoos for Grosso XL aka Papixtrong

  1. Is there a tattooist out there who targets porn stars and leaves them looking like a victims of a horror movie?

  2. I think the tattoo “artist” was drunk and spilled the ink bottle on this idiot, then charged him $1,000.00 for his “art”

  3. The way he’s still pretty hot despite that grotesque ink he slathered on himself should be studied

  4. He was originally Growxtrong and his spouse was Barbatronix, now TheBeardX (and variations thereof). These two have been through so many name changes you’d think they were from Slovakia instead of South America. He originally just had that big black patch on his right pec and not much else. Then it crept down his side. This latest expansion of tattoos is actually repellent.

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