5 thoughts on “Nico Vegas (aka Mikael Nyoman) at William Higgins & Czech Hunter

  1. Superior actor and I believe openly gay and has rivaled Viktor Butt (WH aka Goron Novicz, Adam Barnes, Dallas White) as the busiest newcomer in the past year (he started in May and now has 37 videos, Goron started in February and has 34 videos). Busy boys are very versatile and often eat cum.

  2. I do these porn actors that frequent more than one studio like this guy who has been a busy lad appearing on so many sites. On other blogs like Way Big most of the commentators hate it i.e. if the Corbin Fisher guys if they dare appear on another site they are slated. Sean Cody newest model Guido has received some toxic comments, as he probably isn’t hetereo enough for them and had been in the industry before taking a break.

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