Ryan Kroger as Guido is back via Sean Cody & Active Duty

Today, the first scene of Guido at Active Duty [gallery] where he had a flip fuck with Trevor Brooks was released.

Tomorrow, Guido will be introduced by Sean Cody.

Guido was first known from 2018 to 2019 as Ryan Kroger for sites like Dylan Lucas (now under Pride Studios) [gallery], Bromo, Reality Dudes, Spunk Worthy & Bad Puppy.

6 thoughts on “Ryan Kroger as Guido is back via Sean Cody & Active Duty

  1. Sean Cody must be down bad. All their new guys are already porn guys or 90% of the way there with their OnlyFans. I don’t think there will be a turn around. MindGeek is getting sold to other hands. These may be Sean Cody’s last days.

    1. Oh, I imagine they’ll keep flogging this dead horse. They bought it for the brand and there’s a decade’s worth of decent videos that a whole new generation can see the articles of and will want to buy. MindGeek don’t care that what they’re putting out now is shameful, as long as they can milk money out of the old videos.

  2. He looks like he could be Quin Quire’s brother — who chose to go to the tat parlor while Quin went to the gym.

  3. I like this man Guido and he is a good performer having just watched him fuck that hottie Trevor Brooks in AD. He had nice ass which would look great getting plowed again as it has already happen in his work elsewhere. Yep Guido isn’t what I class the ‘golden period hotter lookers, but that the state of the studio porn industry as the Hottie flock to only fans/just for fans.

    So lets hope the new owners of Sean Cody will do better job than that bleeding awful Mind ‘Crook’ Geek company which has been sold. They may actually restored the old films which they flogging on pay for scene sites now I hope the new owners bring some life back to the site and invest in recruiting some more fit models as they surely cannot be any worse can they?

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