There is also a fauxcest for transsexual porn

Not just in straight and gay porn.

Carnal+, owner of FTM+, is known for their intergenerational gay sex that includes GayCest. For the transsexual version of GayCest, it’s TransCest.

TransCest currently has 6 scenes with Dale Savage, Joel Someone, Mason Lear and Jonah Wheeler as the dads or uncles. All four had sex with Luke Hudson, the boy.

9 thoughts on “There is also a fauxcest for transsexual porn

  1. Male genitals + female genitals = heterosexual sex. All these ‘gay’ men eating and fucking a vagina need to stop diluting the label and accept their bisexuality.

    1. Could you please scream that louder for the ones in the back please?! They might’ve came in late too the truth talk.

      1. Nope, words have meaning and denote specific concepts. There is NOTHING ‘homosexual’ about PIV intercourse and being aroused by the genitals of the opposite sex. You wouldn’t describe this as homosexuality in other animals and the same thing applies to humans.

  2. His gender is male. His secondary sex characteristics are male. His thinking and identification are male. I don’t know that his DNA is XX, and he looks like a man to me.

    He’s not doing you any harm. What’s wrong with you MAGA people that everyone has to think and act according to your narrow worldview?

    1. “I don’t know that his DNA is XX, and he looks like a man to me.” So… you’re just going pretend the whole female reproductive system isn’t… right there? The most frustrating thing about a lot of trans activists is that you either just flagrantly lie for the sake of fake gender affirmation or you actually believe yourself and are completely delusional.

      Who are you trying to convince here? “Wow, despite the presence of a whole fucking vagina I TOTALLY can’t tell that you’re a natal female omggggg shocking!!!!” WTF is wrong with you people?

    2. Her thinking is male? How the fuck would you know that? And a vagina is not a male secondary sex characteristic, you idiot. You’re some degree of bi if you like female genitals. Stop trying to force everyone to live this lie with you.

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