18 thoughts on “A bigger William Seed in his comeback scene at Men

  1. A friend told me once that tattoos are supposed to tell a story. Unfortunately, alot of people suffer from verbal diarrhea.

    1. You’re friend should also have told you, that unless you are getting a tattoo yourself, what other people decide to do with their bodies is none of your business.

      1. Let me correct u: when they put their bodies in front us via porn, uh, yeah we can have opinions. Which means it can and does make it our business

        1. Not a fan of tatts either but if you don’t like the don’t watch it instead of leaving bitchy comments

          1. Uh reread my post and c if u read something for or against william seeds tatts. Yeah, i didnt post anything for or against, just a reminder to JR that yes, when these PSs put their bodies in front of us via porn we will have opinions.

            1. This is the same bullshit mentality that lets straight men think it’s ok to say or do inappropriate things to women based on how they are dressed or what occupation they have. Take your Neanderthal crap to the Republicans.

              You may have the right to say it, but it still makes you a worthless piece of trash for saying it.

              1. What a random commenter expressing their dislike of tattoos in a random gay porn blog has to do with real world misogyny?

                Are you high or something?

                Oh, I know right: you’re only using misogyny as a easy rhetoric tactic to “own” a person who disagrees with you.

                How classy.

                Stop with this stupidity.

    2. Tattoos aren’t supposed to do anything. They can tell a story. But they don’t have to and many of them don’t. Unfortunately, many folks don’t seem to realize that people who get tats don’t often do so based on the desires of others.

    3. In an interview one time, Titan’s Markus Ram said, “If you listen, your tattoos will tell you where they want to go.”

  2. Now, I prefer a bit of meat on my bone, but is that because of going off drugs? Meth and heroin will keep you thin and he’s supposedly finished rehab, so weight gain wouldn’t be unexpected…but I still struggle to believe you can kick a habit that quickly. Wherever he went, puts the Betty Ford Clinic to shame if not :-/

    1. People react differently to rehab. Some are ready to quit using while many are not. For those who are ready, it gives them a foundation and identifies resources. The bare fact that he disclosed he was going into a rehab program tells me he was more ready than most. To really change, you have to stop lying to yourself and those around you about your substance abuse. In any event, I wouldn’t read to much into his weight. In rehabs, there likely aren’t the gym facilities he is used to, time to work out is limited, and the meals can be heavy on starch. I’m hoping he’s in a good place mentally. Addictions aren’t usually one and done recoveries it’s a lifelong process.

  3. Yeah still not a fan of William Seed. He just doesn’t do a single thing for me. Wish him well in his recovery and his fight from drugs but his porn is one style noteworthy and it’s not bringing anything different to the table that we already see from Delgaty, Bones, Harding and many more.

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