A full-figured transsexual for Roman Todd, another woman for Houston, and Collin Black on local news

The latest scene of Roman Todd had him top his stepmom Nathalie Presley at Trans Angels.

Houston now has two solos and two straight scenes released at Corbin Fisher.

Via email from HermanCee “Houston at Corbin Fisher has had four scenes in the last two months. Two solos and two straight so far. I like the guy, but if he doesn’t want to do G4P, I say get rid of him. Beautiful big dicked dude, but I would rather see him do a man/man before he leaves. If he didn’t want to do Gay, why waste his time and my money. Guys. Am I wrong?

Collin Black was on the news in a local newspaper in West Des Moines “West Des Moines parolee, charged with assaults, violates NCO” in 2021 before he filmed his solo at Gay Hoopla and straight scenes at Hot Guys Fuck. [h/t MoP Fan]

13 thoughts on “A full-figured transsexual for Roman Todd, another woman for Houston, and Collin Black on local news

  1. What’s with Roman Todd? And what’s up with Houston? And what’s up with Collin? Three hotties with disappointing posts.

  2. Gosh, Roman Todd is truly earning every penny he gets… He must literally have the ability to perform under ANY circumstances, not to mention that he’s clearly willing to do ANYTHING for money.

    Regarding the two other guys, they’re only doing straight scenes so, who cares about them?

  3. I am never going to be able to unsee that Roman Todd scene. Is he that desperate for money? He usually looks high as a kite in most of his scenes. He doesn’t look well in this update. He has been phoning in a lot lately.

    Corbin Fisher’s straight dud Houston is one of the most boring recent performers. He shouldn’t be featured on gay porn blogs until he does gay scenes (I doubt he will). The same applies to the Gayhoopla jailbird.

  4. It’s always assault and abuse. Whenever these porn stars have rap sheets, which is most of them, it’s always violence.

  5. To all of the pearl clutchers on here: if ex-cons have served their time, why should they not be allowed to work in porn? Also, Roman Todd is one gorgeous man.

    1. Yes. They should be allowed to work in porn. As well as other vocations. Lack of job opportunites is a big factor in recidivism.

      1. Come on! This is not true. This is America, land of opportunities. They do it because they want. There are several options. They can sell hot dogs, they can be taxi drivers, waiters, nightclub dancers, strippers, exotic dancers. ItΒ΄s their option. Akerus, Pertinax and Chris Duran, I loved your comments.

  6. I’m guessing that CF figures that if a guy’s cock is big enough its OK if he only uses it to fuck pussy.

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