1. R47

    He’s so hot. Needs to find a new studio.

  2. Gazzaq

    A hot man is Clayton and he is doing good on this site. He may move and if he chooses not to then good luck to him, as I like this site. Yes he could go to Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody or Next Door Studios et al, and he will be lost amongst the other generic models that they hire to be fair!

    • Gazzaq

      Like I said to you down voters, Clayton he would be lost amongst the other generic models and he clearly not gonna listen to yous lot is he 😂🤣😂 lol !!!

  3. Chris Duran

    Clayton Foster is too hot for this lame studio. He needs a hot top that stays hard and pounds well. Most of the “tops” on that site have doughy dicks, and they can’t cum. This scene will probably have another “internal”. What a waste of this handsome guy.

    • CV

      Im not like you. I like hot guys getting fucked by old ugly guys. I have a friend who is so HANDSOME ( could be a model) likes bottoming for older guys. Once he bottomed for 3 older guys at once. He was only 20 but he bottomed for a 60 years old guy and he loved it.

      • Chris Duran

        Whatever floats your boat. I don’t want to masturbate to men who I don’t find attractive. I don’t care about a performer’s age as long as I’m attracted to him. He also must be able to maintain an erection and actually ejaculate. I’m so tired of seeing non-fully hard tops and faked cum shots in gay porn nowadays (especially in Carnal Media productions).

    • Dom50

      Can’t we just simply enjoy this hot boy doing his thing in porn. This whole ‘he would be better if …’, ‘I wish he would go to….’. We know that if he starts spreading himself around to multiple studios and starts an onlyfans, most of y’all would get tired of the over saturation and move on to the next hot thing that’s new. Unfortunately that’s how some of us guys are.

      • Gazzaq

        Well said mate!!!

        • Chris Duran

          Gazzaq, do you jerk off to men who you find “ugly”? Would you jerk off to the owners of Beefcake Hunter and Military Classified?

          • Gazzaq

            Dear Chris Duran

            I jerk off to a range of men who I find attractive, far too many to mention here!

            It is your choice of course who you choose to jerk off to o and who am I or anyone else to make a judgement on that pal?

            • Chris Duran

              Dear Gazzaq,

              Then what’s your issue with my posts on this thread? Yes, everyone has their own taste. You did state that you’re not a fan of Military Classified and Beefcake Hunter because you don’t find that owners attractive. What makes Carnal different? I don’t find most of the “daddies” attractive at that site. Many of them have wood issues and they can’t cum. Do you find them attractive? Do you like seeing soft dicks and no cum shots? I don’t buy the “internals”. Would you like to see Clayton Foster with a really hot, muscular guy with a rock hard dick and an actual cum shot?

  4. CV

    Well Clayton likes older ugly guys with big cocks. That is why he dates and works with Mater Kamp. He BF is so generous. He would share his hot younger BF to all his friends to enjoy his hot younger BF. I bet Clayton got gangbanged everyday and he took too many loads from these old guys.

    • Bo

      Where’s the proof of this? I’m happy to see him get plowed by Ryan St. Michael, who is hardly an older ugly guy–he’s the hottest daddy around.

      • CV

        MasonicBoys just released a new scene yesterday with Master Kamp, Mater Ryan St Michael and Clayton. His older BF Kamp watched him getting plowed by Michael. If you go to daddydieter55 on instagram . You can see them hanging there at the pride in Florida. I bet Master Kamp passed him around to all his older friends. Clayton really loves getting fucked by his daddies.

        • Dom50

          The second part of your statement sounds like a fantasy you’ve drummed up in your head there CV. I’ve seen the Instagram shots in Florida with Kamp and Clayton, but this gangbang by a group of daddies everyday?? Come on.

          • CV

            Damn It was so HOT. Michael fucked Clayton bareback while his BF watching it. Michael seemed like enjoying it. He came inside him and check out Clayton’ gap ass with his cum all over Clayton’ ass. Clayton didn’t cum at all. The best thing is Clayton was there to pleasure these old guys, not to get pleasured. I bet all Kamp’s friends already try Clayton. I haven’t seen Kamp topping Clayton on films yet.

        • McM.

          Pics or it didn’t happen.

        • Gazzaq

          Good for him and what wrong with that. Youth fades quick to be fair.

      • CV

        Finally some new content

  5. Bruiser

    Surprised but pleased. More!

  6. sammy1023

    Would love to see him go to the conglomerate that is now Falcon and just get railed by their biggest and best.

  7. Eddie

    Someone from LSPG said he moved on and retired from porn.

    • Gazzaq

      No he is not as I just read it on there and this was query directly with the Carnal Media and an employee S R has stated that Le Grand Wolf ha response no Clayton is not retired and is coming back to work for them!

      P/S Clayton he looks completely different off camera you would not recognise him at all bloody hell!

  8. TheFantasy1215

    I would say most of the scenes from SayUncle are lame. But Clayton Foster is a exception.

  9. Pssuucl

    Very attractive model.

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