Colby Jansen “I’ve been personally threatened by Ricky Larkin. I’m posting this in case anything happens to me.”

25 thoughts on “Colby Jansen “I’ve been personally threatened by Ricky Larkin. I’m posting this in case anything happens to me.”

  1. Must we always (continue to) see multiple (unhinged) rants on this site each Sunday from Henrik Sommer? Why give him the platform (or David Skylar)? Aren’t there more interesting and less recurring toxic clips to pull/give light to, please?

    1. I suppose that Henrik’s deranged tweets make people click on posts at a higher rate, and increases both traffic and engagement. You cannot blame Denz for wanting more exposure for his site, can you? I don’t enjoy Henrik’s crazy antics either, but I’m sure that plenty of people do so, who cares? Just ignore what you don’t like.

      By the way, whoever told D.O. that a trashy 80’s blond permanent suits him, secretly hates him. As for Jason Collins and Gunnar Stone, they sound surprisingly rational for two people who have covered their entire bodies with tattoos. I have actually enjoyed their interview, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

      Finally, was there some sort of romantic entanglement between Colby Jansen and Ricky Larkin? They are constantly looking for ways to antagonize each other and fight over the stupidest nonsense imaginable. The issue in the background seems to be that Colby bought Ricky a new iPhone and paid for Ricky’s plan for months, because Ricky couldn’t afford it (so much for these guys leading glamorous, carefree and hedonistic lives). Since Ricky got angry when Colby stopped paying for his monthly plan, they got into an argument and Colby took revenge by buying the domain for Ricky’s old webpage, to which Ricky has taken exception… In short, these two are behaving like angry lovers or two bitchy 14-year-olds who have stopped being friends five minutes ago. I cannot believe we’re dealing with men in their 40s.

  2. Trevor Laster committed suicide. Another beautiful guy dead by his hand. Is anyone keeping a tally on how many gay porn stars have taken their lives? Does anyone know if the number is higher or lower than straight porn stars? Or gay porn stars in Europe or Asia? Is it the drugs or the steroids? Or is it the inner turmoil of being gay played out more publicly that most of us?

    1. In case you haven’t noticed, our community is under severe attack from many enemies. The number of gay people committing suicide is rising rapidly throughout the country. These people are on the front lines – please let us show compassion and understanding for those who give us entertainment to take our minds off the onslaught of negativity!

  3. Henrik Sommer at least he took first step seeing psychiatrist. But this man is crying for help. Can’t someone in this man life help him? He needs help ASAP. Max Konnor cocaine addiction is surprising. He always seemed lucid and together compared to other models. I hope he can get back on track. Some of these other porn model guys are just so out there.

  4. Does ANYONE find “Masculine Jason Collins” hot in any way? Really? I mean, to cover your body and now head with so much stupid graffiti is way past normal .
    As for the rest…. same old same old… Not much else to say about them.
    Elliot Finn … Who is he trying to impress with that quote? I am sure if someone had the energy, they would find that quote stolen from somewhere. Because this dim bulb never speaks like that.

    1. I fail to see why your personal opinion of someone would make any difference to me or to anyone else on here as to whether they find a porn actor “hot” in any way. You obviously don’t like tattoos or “graffiti” as you call it, so move on. People have different tastes, and your opinion of what is “normal” also does not matter to me in the least.

      1. You must really be slow. Really, you must be flat out ignorant. Or, covered in stupid ink and feeling offended. Either way I could give a shit. This entire board is designed just for the purpose of people leaving their opinions on what is presented here. So, that is what I and many others do every week. Try and keep up ok Eric ?

      1. Thanks Gazzaq … But I am afraid it is probably true too.
        I have seen this guy in interviews and heard a few of his vapid thoughts before. He doesn’t have an original thought in his scrawny soft dick body…. Elliot has real trouble just reading the menu at Denny’s so I am sure he copied that quote from somebody else !

  5. I can’t get over how terrible Leo looks. That’s no much filler, manscaping, botox, makeup by the looks of it, facetuning in photos…he’s plastic-not-so-fantastic :-/ I also don’t understand trying to reinvent himself as a top, but maybe it’s all down to his life being on the skids and being a deadbeat dad.

    I see David’s up to his usual hilarity.

    And is Colby being serious, or is this just attention seeking? Ricky is a nutter and a bullshit artist, but he’s all talk, isn’t he? And what exactly has gone on between them?

  6. If you look at his Twitter feed, Colby seems to be in a “messy stage” of life. There have been rumors going around of him being in a few polyamorous relationships for a while now, so if what was said here is true about a romantic entanglement between him and Ricky Larsen, I wouldn’t be shocked.

    1. Colby’s story is a strange one…

      He was straight, then came out of the closet, (I read the interview and it was very difficult for him) then he met a pre-op transsexual who he married…and who then went through with the genital realignment surgery and as a newly identifying gay man (after struggling with an adulthood coming out) said that she had a “damn fine vagina”. He then gets divorced, seems to flit between straight, trans and gay porn as well as EXTREME ass-play, involving dangerously large toys and prolapses…and now whatever this is with Ricky :-/

      If “Colby” had just been allowed to come out, even later in life and embrace being gay, then he might not only have a good quality of life, but good mental health…but instead, he’s been pulled from pillar to post and now has Ricky Larkin of all people threatening to nail him to one.

    2. Hmm, since we know Ricky is Gay4Pay and angry about it, that makes me think he and Colby were in a love triangle with the same woman.

  7. I think Colby’s problems began when he had a relationship with Jaxton Wheeler a while back.. it was around this time that he seemed to “go off the rails” so to speak…

    Hopefully he finds his way back.

    1. Now, This is the real deal. What is it about Jaxton Wheeler and his relationships with people that seem to have a very toxic and lasting negative effect on them after being involved with him. Colby? Pierce? The Late Alexander Gustavo? His Ex Wife>

      1. Well seeing that he’s been banned from working with most of the mainstream studios, coupled with his narcissistic personality, along with the ” cult leader ” vibe he gives off, and his general asshole-ishness towards life, it could be any one of the things I just mentioned.

        1. Colby and Jaxton were in an actual romantic relationship? I thought they were both straight or at least exclusively dated women.

          1. Jaxton has NEVER had a relationship with another man. He’s straight, he’ll fuck men (for money), get fucked by men (for money), on camera or when escorting. He bounces immediately from one girlfriend to another, sometimes in the same day, but you will never find him dating another man. He makes a big song and dance about being pansexual, but that’s just to get more work.

            1. You obviously don’t know what bisexual means. Jaxton Wheeler never said he is gay. But the man isn’t straight he has sex with men for almost a decade. He has gotten fucked by numerous men. Bisexuality doesn’t mean a man has to date another male.

  8. Henrik Sommer needs help, agreed. He appears to live in a nice home and has a nice woman cooking for him. Assume he’s in Germany which has socialized medicine. He’s much better off then his crazy American counter part Colin Simpson.

  9. Max Konnor is a coke head and a former meth addict? Shocker. The guy will stick his dick in anything and hide behind being ‘open minded’ and ‘Fluided’ when questioned.

    In reality, he’s just a junkie who will do anything to fuel his habit.

    1. Drugs have always been rife among gay porn stars, but there seems to be a LOT more recently. Obviously steroids with Collin Simpson and Sean Costin among others, but Jack Mackenroth and Dolf Dietrich (aka psycho and psycho) on meth, I’m not sure what William Seed went in a revolving door on rehab for because he has his teeth and no tracks, but it’s been addict after addict over the last year.

      The story always went that a lot of studios purposefully got these guys hooked on something as a means of control and since Mind Geek now owns them all, maybe they’re just stepping things up, I’m not sure there’s a single sober “gay” porn star out there at the moment :-/

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