7 thoughts on “First scene of Austin Wolf & his nipples at Men

  1. GEESH, I don’t know which is more fake.. The leather in Austin’s coat and hat or the sex between these 2?

  2. Austin’s porn really is dull as dishwater. He only performs with men who look more like children, he’s a terrible top and does this bizarre signature “rolling his eyes back in his head with his mouth open like a fish when he touches his nipples in slow motion”.

    1. True. In his fan site, He always paired with Twinks in the past but when the income is decreased, he then pair with Hunk and do an outdoor sex sometimes.

  3. Hilarious article title here. Well, at least he’s not wearing a cock ring to stay hard unlike in many of his own videos..

  4. The fuck is this??!? Watching water drip into a glass would’ve made me wetter than this bland ass, over compensating, tit twisting display of gay sex.

    Austin and Skyy babes please listen to me with open ears… go sit the fuck down please. We’re tired of it and getting very exhausted with you Skyy. When it comes to Austin, we’ve been sick of you. I mean damn.

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