17 thoughts on “First str8 scene of Roman Todd

  1. Why are there two separate and consecutive posts of him doing non-gay porn? I don’t get it. Are we supposed to be impressed?

      1. All the more reason why these two posts are uncalled for. This is old (and boring) news. There are some gay sites that are putting out actual good gay content, but they get ignored here in favor of these click-bait bullcrap.

  2. When can we stop acting like he’s the best “gay” porn star and the hottest guys around? This guy has been overused, overhyped and overrated for so damn long, it’s been ridiculous. No matter what blog you visit, the gays are just fighting over him and making him seem like gay porn’s savior. It’s just not the case.

    Seeing this shit here isn’t a flex and it doesn’t make gay men want to yearn for him even more.

    1. I said he was overrated in the past and I was downvoted like crazy. I was literally in disbelief. The guys sucks. He has overstayed him welcome in gay porn 10 freaking years ago. Roman, Roman go away, don’t come back another day.

  3. Well, given that he is actually straight and does nothing on Twitter but gush about his girlfriend, this isn’t exactly a surprise. He’s G4P and SO overexposed.

  4. Does no one else remember the almost unreadable tirade typed by this porn model on this very blog when no one was contributing to his GoFundme campaign to repair the car the GF crashed? I lost interest in him back then.

    1. Thank You Oz.

      I went off him even before incident, when he had a car accident years ago and he was begging for us Gay Men to send him money on this blog. In fact he called me a ‘Cunt’ (which is true some of you are saying lol), when advised him to go and get a job.

      I dont like him as a performer either, but loads do so and his still around go figure.

  5. This guy is overexposed. Not even Gay and has always been subpar. Let’s feature actual Gay Men who are proud to be Gay and will not do crossover. Gay Porn is dying due to these assholes like Roman. He’s a talentless piece of shit. Hi Cherrystick.

  6. Come on! He is a sex worker. I don’t see any problem doing that. Maybe the problem is this website putting straight porn (although I know it can be breaking news)

  7. Roman has a GREAT body and a pleasing face, and has really worked on himself since his twink-ish beginnings. However, when you hear him in interviews or read his tweets, you realize pretty quick what white trash he is, between having a kid with his porn star wife to being stoned or high in just about all his scenes. Another gay porn illusion shattered in the face of a very tacky reality.

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