Markus Kage & Benjamin Blue for the second time at the same location

The usual from Men. The husband was caught by the wife with another guy. Shocked faces. Shocked faces. Now at Reality Dudes.

Men in 2020 with Clean Sheets, Dirty Secrets “While his wife hangs out the sheets to dry, Markus Kage finds gardener Benjamin Blue hard at work… that is, his cock is hard as he works the handle of a rake in and out of his ass! Markus gets his dick out for the slacking gardener to suck, then bends Benjamin over and fucks him doggystyle. Markus’s wife catches them and storms off, but the guys keep going, with the top lying back on the freshly mown grass as the bottom rides him! Markus’s tool feels so good that Benjamin cums all over the top’s abs before taking a nice hot facial.

Reality Dudes today with FamChaser 13: BBQ “My wife’s organized a nice barbecue, but my new stepson, Benjamin Blue, keeps flirting with me, even rubbing his foot on my dick under the table! When I drop my fork, Benjamin gets down and sucks my cock, then follows me to the grill to suck me hidden behind the barbecue. He puts my hard cock in a bun and drizzles it with mustard, then sucks it off before I drill him doggystyle. The jig is up when we get caught, so I lie down by the pool as Benjamin rides my dick, then fuck him missionary till he blows a huge load, and he licks up all my cum.

7 thoughts on “Markus Kage & Benjamin Blue for the second time at the same location

  1. Markus Kage is an acquired taste. When he didnt have so many tatts and more clean cut i thought he was hot back then. Now i like his stuff cuz its same man, but if i miss it i dont feel like im missing out.

  2. If they really want to shock us, then give us some str8 cocks and asses again.

  3. Kage is definitely a cool dude. But if you’re going to have so much ink, your body and grooming had better be on point. If your muscles have turned to veal, your belly looks pregnant, and have a beard that looks like a crazy person who yells at the sun, then you shouldn’t be filming porn.

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