Solo of Walter Fisher (aka Oleg Makarov) at Belami Online was shot 7 years ago (tip @ Bevlap)

Walter Fisher was introduced this week at Belami OnlineWe have a junior jock on the casting couch today as we introduce you to Walter.

Walter was first known in 2016 as Oleg Makarov at William Higgins and he came back in 2021.

Walter aka Oleg also worked in the past as Victor Creed at Bad Puppy, Boy Fun and Cocksure Men.


  1. rob

    only 7 year old clip. normally its about 10

    • Bevlap

      I’d like them to go back 25 years reviving some of their “101 Men” in HD

  2. Bo

    In his comeback Erotic Solo (with the tatts) he identified as bi though he said he prefers girls. He also was Jake Beaumont at Staxus (once, fucking and feeding Mike Flynn) and he made at least four videos for four distributors as Victor Creed with Bjorn Nyquist. Always a top, never eating cum.

  3. Gazzaq

    And we are surprised WHY with Bel Ami passing off an oldie as newbie??

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