15 thoughts on “Then & now on Draven Navarro

    1. Unfortunately Colby Jansen seems to be heading down this road too. He used to collab with Draven alot and then suddenly stopped. ( Like with Jaxton Wheeler)

  1. Fat, ugly, no neck and roided out. He looks like he smells bad too. Sad state of affairs in porn these days.

  2. Well damn. That’s just… That’s just…. A shame. He’s always been full of ick factor and now he embodies it full circle and from the sights of it, full belly.

  3. He’s always seem icky. Honestly I would rather not see anything reported on him. He is just not of interest.

  4. Good god. What is this place–just a middle-school slam book?

    In his earliest appearances, Draven was an extremely hot bodybuilder bottom. Those pre-date any of the images above. His body was shaved and ripped. The reason he’s tubby now is partly because he’s OFF of steroids, not because he’s on them. He’s been slowly gaining weight and getting softer over the past several years. I do prefer his earlier look. He looked a lot more like Tom Katt.

  5. I agree with you..BUT Tom Katt gave off an aura if someone you could take home to your parents to meet. However, Draven gives off the aura that he’d probably hit your parents up for money, do drugs in the bathroom while there, and proceed to fuck the furniture while coming down.

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