Theo Brady barebacked for the 4th time by Finn Harding

The latest update at Men had the 4th pairing of Finn Harding & Theo Brady.

Their first pairing at Men was in 2021.

It was followed last year by their two scenes.

14 thoughts on “Theo Brady barebacked for the 4th time by Finn Harding

  1. Bland and boring. Let’s highlight some guys who are actually giving good performances and not these repeat mistakes. We don’t want to see lame ass Theo getting fucked by cardboard with legs and arms AKA Finn.

    1. The only scene would watch is Finn Harding bottoming scene. I don’t know why Finn Harding can’t get into man sex at all, he is doing like a robot, no feeling, no emotions. That’s a real waste of that beautiful face.

    2. Theo and Finn are just not it. Both guys should look for another line of work. Theo after doing them bi scenes and the well deserved backlash has basically hurt his brand and is just not worth supporting, couple that with Theo Brady’s post on socials about feeling frustrated with Gays in general, his homophobia makes matters worse. Good riddance Theo.

  2. Finn looks like he’s been working out a bit more and it looks good. His farmer’s tan suggests that it’s been outside.

  3. Is Finn Harding str8? If he is not str8, I don’t get why would Finn Harding not get into man sex at all. No real feeling, just exaggerate expressions.

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